Written by Harry_22

4 Jan 2013

It was 4 o’clock when Ed emailed be back. He explained that he felt lucky to have escaped a hangover and that he would come round at 6 to get it. My heart leapt a little when I read the closing line, ‘nice pic by the way’. My cock swelled in my shorts instantly. I quickly mapped out the next couple of hours, I needed to tidy my house a bit and take a shower and get ready for a visitor. I went up to my bedroom and pulled off my boxers and tee shirt and opted instead for my favourite housework outfit; a silky black nighty and a small black thong. I do not really like thongs, they are very unpractical when it comes to holding my cock in, but I am won over by the feeling of the string, it rides up my crack and teases me rubbing around as I work.

Living room done and hoovered I finished off the kitchen and did the washing up. A regular fantasy of mine is to be watched while I do chores or the doorbell to ring while I am in this outfit. I really fought the urge to wank off, my cock hard and poking brazenly forward, making a wonderful shape in the shiny material, but stayed in control allowing myself to rub it slyly on the cupboard door instead.

Going back upstairs I grinned at the look of me in the mirror on my wardrobe door. Dark shapes had been drawn on the nighty by water splashing on me from the washing up. This nighty is what I call my virgin top, it has only ever had my come on it and as I felt sexier by the minute, I knew that it would not stay that way for much longer. I showered and shaved, my cock staying hard the whole time. I opened the drawer at the bottom of my wardrobe and carefully selected some undies to wear. I slid on my stockings and clipped them into place and standing to admire how the six straps of the suspender belt framed my cock and pulled across my arse cheeks. I fumbled with a corset but I have always found these really hard to put on my own! Unhappy with the how it looked, it was just not right, I folded it neatly back into the drawer and picked out instead a stretchy lace bra top. Admiring myself again briefly. I wanted that to be it as it looked so good, but my cock was standing out so much I knew that I needed to tame it some how. I finished the ensemble with a pair of black knickers (the same colour as my belt and top). The thick black material covered my bum and the tall front of them allowed me to pull my hard on to the side so it was held neatly in place. (the shape of a hard shaft in knickers is amazing so there was no way I was going to leave it unrubbed!).

I was suddenly excited, a feeling easy to confuse with nerves. My heart was racing and I breathed heavy. A sudden doubt crossed my mind that I may have miss read the situation (though in hind sight I have no idea why I would!!) and hearing Ed pull onto my driveway I frantically pulled on some lounge pants and a loose tee shirt

“Alright mate!” Ed says cheerfully, holding up a bag of McDonalds, “bit more of a hangover than I thought!” he laughed. I passed him his phone and he casually flicked through it as we sat and ate. Then followed a very surreal half hour while we sat at the bar in my kitchen, eating fast food and talking about last night and plans for the next few days. There were a few innuendos dropped in and conversation got a little racy which kept my mood horny. When I got up to clear away the rubbish, Ed asked, “What are you wearing?” I turned to see him looking at my feet. I could not see his hand, in my mind it was in his lap stroking his cock.

“Some undies,” I replied with a dry mouth. “Wanna see?”

“Fuck, yeah,” he answered. I pulled off the tee shirt and then leant towards him to slide down my bottoms. My pulse was beating loudly in my ears as I walked across my kitchen to the bin. “Nice straps,” he continued and then went on to compliment my knicker selection. “ I wondered what I would find when I got here. You look great!”

I came back and stood on the opposite side of the counter to him. I had no plan before he arrived and I had no plan no, but I knew what I was horny for.

“Can I see your cock?” I asked, “I am not sure if I have seen it yet!” I smirked as I glanced at his phone on the side.

“You sure can,” he said enthusiastically and he stood pulling his short form his jeans and then undoing his belt. He reached in and pulled out his cock. I did not recognize it (and I feel that I was an expert on the cocks on his phone by now), but I instantly did not care. It looked about the same as mine, 6 inches and average in girth. He was already hard and pointed nearly straight up his foreskin pulling around his helmet. I did not wait to be asked and walked straight around to him. I dropped to my knees and put my finger in a ring around his base, aiming his cock down to point at my mouth. His helmet was thick and my lips closed around the notch of it as I tasted his cock for the first time. There was a slight tackiness to it on my lips and I savoured the taste of his precome. I gripped his shaft with my lips and edged forwards, I wanted him all in and I felt my cock twitch in its tight confines as I relaxed to let him hit the back of my throat. The neat frame of his pubes touched onto my beard and I moaned out over his cock as he put a hand to the back of my head and ground his cock into my mouth. I pulled slowly off and then back onto him letting him fuck my face at a pace he controlled; his hips rocked and I locked my body in place to let him. I looked up his body, and my view was blocked by the shirt, his hand was up it and I imagined him tugging on his nipples.

There was no sense of time as I sucked him like this. There was no sense of need by me either, my cock continued to push at the knickers that held it in place, but I did not need anymore than that right now. I simply knelt there enjoying the feelings of this nice hard dick using my mouth.

“Oh, you are good at this,” Ed announced.

“Thank you,” I replied letting his cock slip from my mouth. It sprung straight up and raised myself in preparation of getting my lips back round it, “You wanna come?” I asked, “you feel so hard!”

“Yes,” he answered shortly, “in your mouth… seeing as you like my cock in there so much!”

“Mmmm yes,” I answered and I turned my head slightly to let him back in letting my mouth accept all of him once more.

“oh yeas” he encouraged as I picked up the pace on him. I ringed his base again with two fingers and my thumb, this let me get faster without the involuntary gagging he caused as he pushed on my throat. I could feel his legs start to tense and flex and I flushed with excitement, so looking forward to getting his load as I was! Ed began to groan in short sharp noises and his cock swelled. Coinciding with his little yells, warmth filled my mouth and warm jizz tickled as I felt it dirft to the back, running over my tongue. I sucked hard on him and worked my lips over his throbbing tip, feeling more hot tasty spunk. It tasted so good I was going to let as much in before I swallowed it down.

I became aware of my own hard breathing through my nose as his noise finally subsided. His cock felt soft in my hand and my lips began to close more as it shrank in size. I swilled in my mouth and hit that spot that made Ed flinch his cock out of me. Come dribbled from my mouth as it escaped me and I was fearful for losing it all! I sucked it back in as best as I could and then gulped his shot of come down.

Ed sat back on the stool and let his heavy breathing slow.

“That was great.” I told him calmly staying on my knees. He looked at me and seemed lost for words for a moment.

“Yes it was,” he finally said quietly. He reached for his phone before he told me, “no I just need my souvenir!” He patted the counted telling me to get on it. I obliged laying on the cold surface on my back. He pulled down my knickers, finally releasing my cock which stood to attention and ready! He wrapped his hand around me and wanked me. Nice and simple, he wanked me. I arched my back as my orgasm neared and he positioned his phone to catch the moment. Seconds later, my erection pulsed, shooting 3 and then 4 strands of come high into the air. I felt one hit my stomach and the remainder landed in heavy dolloping sounds around me. My body stayed tense for a while, I had not realised how much I needed to come. I saw Ed put his phone back down and then he leant in and licked my dick, from base to tip before pulling my knickers back up and moving to straighten his own clothes.

“Let’s go for a drink,” he said and I was so relieved that there was no awkwardness. We joked and debated a little about what I should wear out, but we ended up going out for a normal drink down the local.