Written by BL1_BiMale

30 Dec 2009

I first sucked cock at quite a young age and then switched to girls, got married, had kids, blaa, blaa, blaa. After 25yrs of boring marriage, I started to find myself getting excited by watching blokes wank on video. Cumshots became addictive and I was scouring the internet for more like a hungry dog!

It wasn't long before I realised that I should go and suck one for real. It had been so many years since those early experiences. I was nervous but excited too. I started off by meeting guys on an adhoc basis. I was cruising and blowing guys left, right and center. It was fantastically slutty! I loved it.

But I wanted more! I wanted fucking. I wanted to feel a cock good and deep inside me. So I met up with a couple of gay lads in their camper-van and watched them fuck each other. I wanked and sucked them both but nothing more at this point.

Then I went in a chatroom on SH and mentioned that I fancied losing my anal cherry. A guy offered to come over and fuck me, so I agreed. I met him around the corner and guided him to my detached garage (the wife was in the house). We locked the garage door internally and I immediately started to suck him off until he got hard. He was about 6 inches long and stiff as an iron bar.

I dropped my trousers and bent over my motorbike. I felt him lube me up and then he very slowly guided his lovely cock into me. OMG!!! It felt sooooo fucking good. His pace increased and pretty soon he was banging fuck out of me and I kept telling him how good it was and how I wanted him to keep going. Keeping fucking me good.

After about 15 minutes he came and I was over the fucking moon. I wanted more. I still want more. I want something looooong. Not thick though, cos that would hurt too much. Long and thin is nice!!