Written by Babydoll

15 Jun 2011

I'm a newcomer to this site,I've only recently left home and moved to my own little flat near a seaside town in Cumbria.I'm 19 yrs old and have lived with my mum and her partner(whom I've never got on with)until then.I don't recall when it started but I've got a thing about female undies,where I used to live a woman and her teenage daughter lived next door and I would spend ages just looking at their undies on the washing line imagining what it might be like to be wearing them,sometimes the urge to take a pair of their knickers off the line would be unbearable,but I never did.

One of the first things I did when I moved here to my own place was to order some sexy underwear from a site on the internet,the first time I put them on and masturbated was unbelievable.I could'nt wait to get home from work and just be in my flat wearing a bra and tight sexy knickers,I had almost a permanent erection and was masturbating at least a couple of times a day,always in bed before going to sleep and again when I woke in the morning.

I didn't think of myself as being gay,to be honest other than my need for female undies I my interest in sex was pretty low,I was happy to masturbate,that was until a recent gay sexual encounter with a much older man,I realise now that he was looking for gay sex.I met him in a local pub where I'd popped in for a shandy,there were'nt that many people in there,I went to the loo and he was already in there,he was standing at the urinal,I assumed he was just having a pee.

I was wearing a bra and knickers under my own clothes and probably that and the effect of the alcohol had given me a partial erection,I tried to hide it with my hand when I took it out and then I found it a bit difficult to start weeing because of my erection and he started to think the obvious.He took half a step back so that I could see what he was holding in his hand,it was the first time in my life I'd seen another mans cock in a fully erect state and his was big.

I honestly tried not to look but could'nt stop myself and also my own had grown harder in my fingers,if anybody had walked in then they would have assumed that we were mutually masturbating,which I was'nt but he had started to do.He said join me for a drink and started to put his cock back in his trousers,which needed a bit of manipulation and zipped up and left me standing there on my own,now with a fully erect cock,wanting desperately to masturbate.

He was sitting in a corner of the bar and as I came out of the toilet he indicated for me to join him,why I did I have no idea and even though I was shaking inside I went and sat opposite him.I know you didn't show me all of it but from what I could see you have a beautiful cock,he said in a totally relaxed way,what do you like doing.I did'nt realise it then but he had assumed I was gay and I was looking for sex,then,do you fancy coming back to my place,I live close by,I bet you look fantastic naked.

Instead of my cock subsiding it was getting harder or at least it felt that way as he passed more and more compliments about my body.It was probably the effect of his flattery on me that I found myself in his car heading for his house,making no attempt to stop him when his hand reached across to feel my cock as he drove,even when he said open your pants I did and let him put his fingers inside,all I could hear was his voice saying beautiful,beautiful.

He turned into the driveway of a posh house,used a remote control to open the garage door and drove in,lets have some fun he said,follow me.Once in the house he said he needed to have a shower and suggested I join him,he was already removing his clothes.I must admit I was impressed by his choice of underwear,he was wearing a sexy red posing pouch which by then contained just his balls his cock was standing straight and hard the shiny head fully exposed,for a chap in his 60s he was well built,no hint of a belly and when he turned around his bottom looked really muscular.

You naughty boy he was saying you want me to undress you,even though that was not the case,I was completely engrossed in his body and for pobably the first time in my life feeling the urge to touch somebdy elses genitals.He undid my pants and slipped them down,at that point I'd forgotten about my own undies,it was only when he realised what he had uncovered and I heard him going yes,yes,yes that I remembered.

When he lifted my top up and found my bra his excitement was complete,he removed the top completely and pulled me tightly onto his body,his hands going down my body holding my bottom through the soft knickers,I felt the heat and wetness of his large cock as he rubbed it vigorously back and forward over my smaller but nevertheless rock hard one.

I had never in my life been kissed on the lips until then,his tongue was exploring the inside of my mouth and I realised I was also holding his bottom in a tight grip.I heard him say in my ear,I want you naked,I want you naked,I want your completely naked body against mine.He pulled his own pouch off exposing his equally large balls,then pulled my knickers down and off,I could see and smell his sweat,it was also the first time I smelt another mans sex,he did'nt undo my bra he just lifted it off over my head.

We were back in a tight embrace,both our tongues exploring each others mouths now,our cocks more and more eager,come to bed he was saying,come to bed,I need to fuck you,right then I had no idea what exactly he meant but I was more than willing.The bedroom was luxurious,the bed was massive,he pushed me onto it and climbed on top of me.

He was in complete control,I was completely compliant,his knees were either side of my head his great cock and large hanging balls above my face.I felt my cock enter his hot wet mouth,nothing in my life to that pint had prepared me for such a sensation,even though I was never somebody who could masturbate myself off in less that ten minutes I knew I was going to litterally explode.Balancing himself on one arm he reached back and took his cock in his hand and pointed it towards my mouth,I knew what he wanted.

I took his cock from his hand and he lowered himself downwards,it was already dripping precum,I had my first taste.It felt even bigger as I took it in my mouth,but a moment of complete and utter joy,the taste of it,the life in it,I instinctively sucked it,I reached and held his balls,how much spunk could these hold.

It was my own voice I could hear,even though it seemed to be coming from somewhere else,in all the times I'd come off in my life it had never been like this,if it never stopped it would be too soon,and then I was aware of my own mouth filling with hot fragrant liquid,I knew the taste of my own spunk,was I imagining it,was this sweeter,I'm certain it was.

We emptied ourselves into each other for the first time of many times.As it turns out we are both into sexy undies and I'm amazed how much sexy undies are available in mens wear,I still like my sexy female ones and he likes to have sex while I'm wearing them.One of his friends was here the other evening and I'm not sure if he is into gay sex,even though I must admit I could'nt help wondering what he might look like naked,we'll see.