Written by Reddiesel3

14 Jul 2013

Just had a horny little quikie in some woods guy on mobile contact app sent me the message fuck now? well of course in this heat I was gagging for it so agreed.

As neither of us could accom he suggested some woods nearby i didnt know of them but they were easy enough to find.

I had instructions that I was to go to a certain area strip lube up and bend over waiting for him he would literally fuck my arse and go no talking I had my back to him the whole time.

I went to the place text him id arrived then waited lubing up but keeping my shorts on until I could make out a shape heading towards me I turned around before he could see my face or me his but saw enough to tell he was about the 25 years he told me shorter than me but a bit stockier.

I had a condom and lube in my hand and as he approached I passed them to him from behind still not seeing him I reached back and touched his cock about 6.5 id say but quite thick. He pulled away putting the condom on and I took a hit of poppers waiting for him to enter me. His knob found my hole and he slowly pushed about an inch of solid meat in he stopped for a second as I let out a sigh as the buzz from the poppers and what I was doing sunk in then without warning he rammed the rest of his cock in me making me gasp and groan he then fucked me non stop till he pumped the condom full inside me then pulling his cock out of the condom while leaving some of it still in me he zipped up and was gone as i got my breath not the greatest or longest of fucks but certainly up there with horny not knowing or even seeing his face.

Now the got lost bit no sex but as I pulled up my shorts and turned around to leave wandering through the shrub I couldnt find the track and ended up walking for an hour till I managed to find a road and eventually my car didnt put me off though loved it.