Written by Paul

11 Mar 2010

I am divorced and quite bisexual. I like older, very skinny short men. Last summer I asked decorators for quotes to do my bathroom. Several came and quoted until one day my ideal man came along. He was just five feet tall, about 60 to 65 and very skinny. I decided to accept his quote whatever it came to. He said it would take about four to five days to do the job so I thought that if he were interested I at least had plenty of time to work on him. Of course, if he were straight then I was wasting my time, but there was something about him that made me think he wasn't married nor had he been.

He came on the first day exactly on time and started work. After he had been working for awhile I offered him tea which he accepted and we talked for some time. I tried to find out a bit about him and sure enough he told me he had not been married. I told him I was divorced and hinted that I liked men too, but no more than that. I left things as they were that day, but on the second day when I offered him tea we talked much longer and he started to open up to me. I managed to get the subject back to marriage and managed to slip in the comment "Well, I suppose men are more easy to understand than women". He seemed to get the hint at that and commented that he was more interested in men than wpmen. I said " Me too". He looked at me for awhile not quite knowing if he should take the chance or not, but he let it go.

The next day was boiling hot and he turned up in quite short shorts and a sweat shirt. I decided today was going to be the day so after he had been working for some time, I completely undressed in the bedroom and slipped on some very sexy, silk underpants which showed my arse off to a tee and nothing else. I had seen them in a sex shop and got a hard on looking at them. I walked into the bathroom and he had his back to me. I said "Do you mind if I just freshen up at the sink while you're working. He turned round and immediately his eyes shot down to my bulge and then quickly up to my face. He said "No, go ahead" and I said to him "It's very hot in here, why don't you slip your top off, it'll be cooler for you". "That's a good idea" he said and stripped it off. I then bent over the sink and proceeded to wash. I could feel his eyes on me and he definately was not working the way he had been before. When I had finished I grabbed a towel and managed to get a peek at his shorts. I was delighted, he had a huge hard on and I knew I had him.

I immediately went into the bedroom and after a few seconds I shouted to him "Come here, there are two foxes in the garden". He came in and I could see he was still hard. The net curtains open in the middle, so I pulled one aside just a small bit and told him to look in the garden below. He was forced to come very close to me to look out and I felt his body just touch mine every now and then. I also moved about a bit so that I touched his body too. I shouted to him "Look, there they are over there". This meant he had to get right behind me to look out of the window and immediately felt his stiff cock ram up against the cheek of my arse. I had a huge hard on by now and I deliberately moved about a lot so his cock would be rubbing my arse. I pointed to the garden and said "Look can you see them". This meant he had to push himself very hard against me to look out of the window, so I pushed my arse back onto his stiff cock very hard and held it there for some time and he left his cock hitting hard against my arse as well, with him pushing even harder onto me. Finally could take no more and said "I'd love to give you a right hard fucking". I said "Alright then, let's get on with it".

He immediately pulled his shorts off and I pulled my underpants right off, went over to the bed, bent over and straight away he was behind me, feeling for my arsehole with his cock. As soon as he had found it, he started to push his cock inside me. A small bit at first and then very steadily it went in and in and in until I could feel the whole of his cock in me with his whole body on top of me as he could'nt get in any further. And then he started to fuck me, slowly at first, but soon he was going faster and quite quickly he was fucking my arsehole very, very fast. You could hear his flesh smacking against the cheeks of my arse. He must have been really worked up because within only two minutes or so he shouted "I'm cumming" and started to shoot his spunk into me. He had his cock deep inside my belly and every time he shot spunk into me he rammed even harder into my arse. He must have rammed harder like that at least a dozen times, each time shooting more and more spunk into me. Eventually he stopped and just slumped on top of me totally exhausted. "Christ" he said "I haven't had a fuck like that in years".

Over the next three days he fucked me every day until we were both fully satisfied.