Written by Ocassionally BI

12 Feb 2010

I stopped off at the cruising / dogging spot junction 18 of the M4 again last night it is one of my favorite spots to visit as there is a great woodland bit that is dark and a little scary. I'm a bi guy 35 who doesn't have regular cock fun but when I do I like to go for it.

So there i was sat in my car by the woodland it was a very cold night but I'm not one for staying in the car I like the walking through the woods where there could be 1, 2, or 10 men waiting for a nice cock to suck or tight arse to fuck oh that and I really don't want the police finding me on one of their occasional drive through's with a cock in me. A guy walked past my car slowing down by my window then carried on into the woods I hadn't been there long but still had a fair bit of traveling to do so didnt want to hang about I got out and followed him into the woods I don't know if i give off a sub signal or something especially in the dark but he knew I was and pushed me straight down to my knees shoving his cock deep into my throat, he was about 5 and a half to 6 inches and not all that thick but I did gag a bit when he grabbed the back of my head and forced it in, after a while of this he pulled me up and turned me round unbuttoning my jeans from behind and pulling them and my boxers down being the woods theres always a handy tree to bend over and he now directed me toward one and bent me forward I had gone there with the intention of a good fucking so had prelubed my hole which was just as well as he didnt waste anytime loosening me up with a finger he just placed his cock at my entrance and drove it home in one hard thrust as i mentioned before he wasn't massive but i hadnt been fucked for a while so I felt a sharp stab of pain and reached for my poppers the pain didnt last long and with a whiff of amyl clouding my head (God those things drive me wild) and making my hole tingle I was soon moaning away this was the way i like it not a word had been spoken not even a alright mate he knew what he wanted and also knew that I was there for him to get it he fucked me for about 5 minutes cumming with another pull on my hair and one last hard thrust pulled out his cock zipped up and left me there still holding on to my tree catching my breath and a slow trickle of cum oozing out of me as I was about to straighten up and tidy up I heard a twig snap behind me as I went to turn to see I felt a hand on my back pushing me back into position, now i hadn't had any intention of leaving yet as i hadn't cum and was still feeling horny as fuck but hadnt counted on this although in all honesty it was a fantasy of mine bent over a tree and used by all cummers the thing for me here was that I normally take a cock in my mouth so at least i know how big it is and if I can take it but I had no idea what was about to impale me as soon as I felt the tip of this one swirling around the cum leaking from my hole and using it as lube I knew it was a lot bigger than what I had just taken fortunately the stranger was a bit more considerate than my first that night and slowly yet firmly eased the head into me I took a hit big hit from the poppers bottle and with a deep primal moan from me and a sigh from him slowly took the rest of this massive piece of meat I didnt think it would ever bottom out as my arse stretched around him tool he was a very well built man length and girth but with the poppers in me I was loving every second and feeling filthy as fuck it was so hard as well and when I finally felt his balls on my cheeks I was in pure and honest ecstasy as he withdrew in the motion of his first thrust I felt so empty and wanton but I need-ant of worried as it was soon filling me up he speeded up a little but kept his strokes solid firm and full almost all the way out then back in i was whimpering with a mixture of pleasure and excitement which was when a massive black hand came round from behind me and finger which I swear was almost as big as the cock that had fucked me previously was put in my mouth I sucked on it like it was the first cock, so I was being fucked by my first black guy in wow and yes I know its a cliche but its true what they say they are BUILT up until the finger I'd had my eyes tightly closed concentrating on the drilling I was getting but opened them now to see a small audience of 3 other guys all wanking I heard the voice of my fucker now as he whispered to them "get in boys he loves it" and at this point he was right my head was pulled down onto a tiny cock with a foreskin so tight I couldnt even get the tip of my tongue down it I wasn't keen on this one but didn't need to worry much as he came pretty quickly a dribble which he wiped on my face and left the next cock was placed to my mouth and this one was much nicer uncut again (My Fav) but a good mouthful which fucked my mouth master fully almost as good as the one in my rear the third guy still wanking his own cock reached for mine I wasn't hard at this point probably down to the poppers and cold but with his help slowly started to grow my unseen black fucker was really pounding into me now telling me I was a slut and that he was gonna fill me full of his spunk this was really getting me hot and seemed to do it for the guy in front of me who pulled his cock from my mouth and wanked furiously until he shot a fountain of hot thick cum straight into my face really splashing it everywhere I think if he had been fucking me he would of shot me straight off his cock it came out with such force and there was so much of it it was dripping off my face I licked round my lips and he put his dripping shrinking cock back into my mouth to be cleaned i sucked and licked it clean it tasted so sweet he pulled out patted me on the head said thanks and left. The onslaught from behind was at a frenzy now and i received a few slaps on my arse before I felt his huge rod get even thicker and harder and then another torrent of red hot seed pump deep inside me its the first time I have ever actually felt someone's junk hit my insides as I'm normally always a safe guy not sure why I was being so silly this night but it felt incredible and like the guy who had just shot in my face there was a lot of it I clenched my arse tight around his cock as he withdrew to draw every last bit of cum from him and as quick as he had arrived he was gone again the empty feeling was weird until the guy who had been playing with me got behind me and pushed his cock inside slowly I could feel the cum oozing around it as he slid in he pulled my head up and whispered I love fucking a well fucked hole I'm gonna fuck all his spunk out of you so there's room for mine and he did slowly at first then like a demon and probably the best fuck of the night for me his cock felt goldilocks perfect not too big not too small and the mixture of cum from the 2 previous fucks was going everywhere he didnt last long which was a good thing as I didnt think I would take much more my legs were jelly and i was exhausted he pumped his cum into the mix and pulled out I was amazed that a torrent of jizz didnt follow but I guess it was deep inside me as he left I straightened up still moaning to myself in the after glow of a great session I felt round at my abuse hole timed to perfection as a huge blob of cum leaked out of me I could get 2 fingers in my still open hole as some more came out I brought this round to my cock and wanked myself off using it and when i came I came like a shot gun wiping my hand on a leaf I pulled up my jeans and stumbled on shaky legs all the time feeling the mix of 3 great loads oozing out of me feeling filthy but very very satisfied