Written by Ocassionally Bi

21 Dec 2009

Hello again, I have to tell you about an experience I have just had with 2 guys. I'm Bi not out to try but full on Bi I love fucking girls and every now and then I love to get fucked by guys, If I ever meet a girl with a strap-on I will be in sexual heaven.

I got in touch with a young gay couple who were very local a first for someone who will do everything possible to keep my Bi side under wraps. They actually got into touch with me initially and were very persuasive in the chat room to get me to und, both good looking lads mid 20's good meaty uncut cocks the pair. I said it would take me forever as I needed to shower and get ready but they just said shower round here then we can lather you up. and so I found myself on the way there thinking this is gonna be a hot night. I arrived,and was welcomed in by D who showed me intot he front room where J greeted me it was a beautiful modern looking place inside and as they lead me to the bathroom I was impressed by the bath in the center of the room and the big shower I stripped off and got under the torrent of water doing the whole shampoo advert hair thing and trying to look cool. with water in my eyes I didnt see the door open but did feel the mouth lightly closing around my soft but rapidly rising cock.

I just stood there water pounding my body with a hot mouth sucking me to fullness eyes still useless in the wet I was relying on my senses but didn't need to much imagination when another body rubbed against my back, a big cock slipped between my legs and a soapy finger entered me making me draw breath and push my cock a bit further down the throat of who I now was sure was D.

I removed myself from mouth and hand and slowly sank down to the floor of this great shower taking both cocks in my hands and slowly drawing back the foreskins I sucked on each enjoying the way the skin moved unlike on my cut piece. then forced both into my mouth stretching but somewhat successfully managing the task the boys must of looked at each other while I was down there as they both grabbed an elbow and pulled me back up and out the shower throwing a big towel round me and drying me off before leading me to the bedroom where J sat down first offering me his cock to suck on it was a big cock not massive but big I crawled up between his legs and took it all down as far as it would go D hadn't wasted anytime either as I was gagging away he parted my cheeks and sank his tongue deep up my hole, I threw my head back in delight and let out a sigh D gently but firmly pulled my mouth back down to his cock this went on for a few minutes before I felt D's rok hard cock head then without much hesitation the rest of his cock slide right in and up again I threw my head back it felt so good and hadn't hurt an inch J let me get my breath before again pulling my head back down and I was spit-roasted by these 2 horny young lads and they were good D fucked my hard but not rough something I'm used from my cruising days hard and fast and back in the car away, J decided he wanted "A go at that arse" and soon they had swapped positions J was bigger than his partner but D's loosening me up just made his big cock slide in and again it felt great I had copped lucky with these 2 and do they ever know how to fuck. J pulled his cock out of me and D suggested i might like to fuck him so with his legs up and over my shoulders I slowly let my cock tease his hole before pushing into him I started to fuck him loving his tight hole around my cock when i heard him say something I hadn't thought of there and then but had dreamed about doing for years he said "J now you fuck him" and that was that I became the meat fucking one guy while his partner slipped his big dick once again up inside I made the action I had seen a hundred times on pornos with each thrust in pushing my cock up into a tight arse and each pull back thrusting another cock deep into me I was literally in heaven its the best feeling i have had with man or woman I built up a fair speed and came close to coming D wasn't so restrained and shot a huge load most of it on his chest but he aimed his cock to my mouth and I got a fair bands across my lips licking it hungrily off he was done then and I knew that J would not be long as the fucking he was giving me was getting more intense and desperate then I felt the first blast of hot cum scolding my insides he seemed to cum forever and made me feel so dirty and hot his thrust carried on for a while and as he withdrew I could feel his cum slowly oozing from me he scooped it up with the head of his softening cock and tried to force it back in his cock lazily popping just inside my very well used hole.

I should point out that I had wanted a bareback experience and these 2 lads as well as myself were tested shortly before this happening.