Written by smoothwelshboy2

8 Jun 2013

I was travelling north for business the other week so decided to stop of in a gay sauna just off the M6.

Paid my money and got changed - but it didn't look like there where many guys in there. I walked around the building and decided to settle in the spa for a while. It had been a long trip and I needed a good soak. I lay back and shut my eyes. Next I felt somebody touching my foot - opeing my eyes I saw it was a guy in his early sixties but with a good body. From what I could see of him his chest was shaved - I've got a thing about being smooth and so far this guy ticked most of the boxes. My cock started to grow as ne continued to touch my foot and started to move up my lower leg.

He stood up to reveal a hard on and smooth cock and balls, and came over to sit my me. His hand moved down onto my cock and we started to talk. He asked me what I liked and I told him I'd like to do something with other people watching. He got up, took my hand, and got me to leave the spa. I was just about to put the towel around me but he stopped me. He said that we both neded to walk around with no clothes on.

He took me around the building, he was trying to take me places where people would be. Them we walked into a large dark room. There was a guy lying on the bed with another fucking his mouth. My new friend turned towards me and started to kiss me - slowley at first but building the speed up until his tongue was fully in my mouth. All this made our cocks rock hard. Then he got down on his kneels and took all of my cock into his mouth in one go. He licked and sucked my cock for 5 minutes, at the same time playing with my balls. He got me to lift one leg on the bed so he could start to work on my shaved smooth ass. One finger at first and then two - it was fantastic. And all of this whilst the other guy was getting fist faced fucked.

I lay down on the bed and he sat down on my face - forcing me to lick his smooth ass, sticking my tongue up his shitter. It was great how smooth is ass was and how willing it was to open his ass up to me.

He pulled my legs up - my ass was now fully on show - what I hadn't realised was that 3 new guys had walked in. I felt the cold of lube being applied to my ass and then the first cock entered. Slowley at first but the speed build up and at the same time I was licking another ass.

After about 10 minutes he came in my ass, and I was ordered to get on all fours. Firts I had the cock of the guy who had just fucked me up the ass to stick his cock in my mouth and clean off all the spunk and some of my shit. Tasted good.

By now someone else was at my ass - a little wider this time and not so long, but much much faster. I thought this was going to hurt but I was so lubed up it slid in really easy. He came quickly though. And then I turned around to see the next guy. I almost pased out when I saw his cock. It was huge - must have been the 12 inched long and 6 inches wide. My spa friend told me " the others were just to get you loosened up"

They made me lay on my back, smeone started to suck my cock again whilst someone else held my legs up and wide open. I felt the tip of his cock and before I could say anything he started to push it in. Taking deep breaths I let the mammouth cock enter my ass. This was the biggest thing I'd ever had up there but it felt good. Another cock was stuck in my mouth. This was fantastic.

Looks like word had got around what as going on. I looked out of my eye and saw at least 5 other guys standing around me slowley wanking their cocks.

But the cock in my ass was getting faster and faster. And then he stopped. I wasn't sure what was going on but a few seconds later I felt his cock twitch and he started to shoot his load up my ass.

He pulled his cock out and before I could say anthing my new spa friend went around to my ass and started to lick me out. He told me later he's set this up just so he could lick me out afterwards.

Great night. Can't wait to go back for more