Written by s3xslave

10 Aug 2013

this is 100 percent true

so there I was sat at home feeling very very horny so I chose to down load a app for my phone, im sure many of you will know which one I mean, its specifically for men. I put my name as in car naked/dogging and sure enough I start getting a lot of messages lol

so after weeding out the time wasters etc I arrange to meet this good looking 40 year old, he told me where to go and said he wanted to stumble across me while I had my cock in my hand. I parked up and took a short walk into the woods, my cock growing as I walked. I found a nice seculed spot and stripped so I was completely naked and started slowly wanking my already excited cock. I saw my phone light up and it was a text confirming that he was here I saw a figure looking around and chose to walk out towards him.

he smiled and looked my up and down, his hand grabbing hold of my cock and balls he started wanking me while playing with my balls before instructing me to bend over, he then started to give me my first rim my god I was in heaven, it wasn't long before he worked a finger into me. this sent me over the edge and I came I don't think ive ever shot my load so far before in my life. I collapsed still shaking from the fun I had just experienced. I was given no rest I felt a cold liquid being rubbed around my arse, it made me jump at first as I wasn't expecting it. I felt his cock pushing up against my hole he continued to push until I finally opened up he continued to inch into me slowly until he got bored of the slow approach. he put his hands around my hips and thrusted me back until I felt his hip slam into my arse. I screamed out in pain but this seemed to just turn him on more. he kept his hands on my hips and continued to hold me as he pounded my arse, I was feeling his boney hips smashing against me with every thrust after about 5 mins he eased up abit but upped his pace doing short fast thrusts, it wasn't long until I felt his cock throbbing, he held on as long as he could before slamming deep into me one last time. he slowly pulled out and as soon as I could I collapsed and rolled over I was in a mixture of pain and intense plessure. he rolled his condom off and pulled up his tracksuit bottoms before walking over to me and emptying the contents of his condom all over my face and simply walked off leaving me behind covered in his cum