Written by norfolk guy

4 Aug 2011

this happened a few days ago, after reading about the spot in my local woods on a gay web site l thought l will go and see wot goes on there. l parked just off the road and walked along an overgrown path into the woods proper,didnt seem to be anyone around so having worked my self up l thought might as well have a wank.so off came the shorts and standing there in just small panties l started to pull on my now hard cock,l was lost in wot l was doing and didnt even hear the guy until he was stood right next to me. a quick glance down and seeing his cock hard in his joggers told me he was here for the same thing, he nodded and pulled his very large cock out and wanked him self without thinking l got on my knees in front of him and started licking the end of his cock,he grabed the back of my head and started mouth fucking me realy hard mmm after wot seemed ages he said do you like to fuck, l nodded my haed thinking he wanted me to fuck him but he stood me up and bent me over at the waist got on his knees and started rimming me, christ l nealy shot my load then and there but managed to hold off. he sliped one then two fingers into my arse and then stood up and started pushing the end of his cock against my very wet hole, never having been fucked before and him with a huge cock l thought theres no way hes going to get it in and he grunted something like fuck ur tight but carried on pushing till his end was in,fuck did it sting but l just pushed back onto his cock untill it was most of the way in,he then started to fuck my arse with long slow strokes pulling his cock almost out then all the way back in, l was dripping pre cum by now and he said im cumming and before l had a chance to do anything he started to shoot in my arse and that triggerd me to cum on the floor, he then just pulled his cock out of my and pulled up his joggers and said thanks mate and walked off, l drove home with his spunk dripping out of me and whent to the bedroom and wanked off while fingering my cum filled arse. for a first time it was great and l will be going back there as soon as l can for another good fucking