Written by Graham

4 Nov 2009

i was having a holiday in a welsh holiday resort earlier this year.I've read stories on here about sex in toilets.I'm a 20 yr. old bloke and i would'nt want my mates to know that i,m turned on by the thought of sex with a man.I've been wanking myself off with gay magazines and cd's for a couple of years.

I got some vodka down me in my b&b and wearing just top and short running shorts ran to toilets I,d sussed earlier,I did'nt know if i could go through with it.I went passed the toilets a few times,the drink kicked in,i was fucking scared as I went in.

Ther was just one bloke standing at the stalls,i knew right away that he was there for sex.He looked at me then looked down at his cock,he was about 50.I was'nt wearing underpants just my shorts.

My hands were fucking shaking as I pulled up the leg of the shorts to get my cock out,we both stood there,i didn't know what to do.I could see him looking towards me a few times,i just stood there holding my cock,i didn't have a hardon i was too fucking nervous.

I could see he was wanking himself,then he turned towards me so that I could see him.Just his cock was out of his flies,it wasn't huge but it was rock hard.He reached with his other hand and took his balls out and played with them as he wanked himself.

In seconds my own cock was rock hard,i started to wank myself.He stepped close to me and took it from my hand,it was eveything I hoped it would be,i let him wank me.He nodded towards the cubicles and holding my cock led me into one of them,I didn't resist.

Once inside he pushed my shorts down I let him remove them.He right away started to feel me all over,holding my balls and slapping the cheeks of my arse very gently,it was really sexy,I let him take my top off,I was completely naked.

He licked my nipples then sucked them into his mouth,one hand holding my balls while the other wanked me,it was good.He dropped his pants and took them off with his underpants,reached for my hand and put my fingers around his cock,it was hot and twitching like fuck.

Even though it was the first time ever I wanked him like I'd done it loads before,I watched my hand wanking him as he took his teeshirt off,we were both naked.He grabbed my arse cheeks and pulled me against him moving his cock hard back and forwards over mine,I'd never been so sexually aroused in my life and had to fight hard to not allow myself to jack off.

I was even enjoying the stubble on his chin as it rubbed on my face,he chewed on my ears and put his tongue in my mouth playing with mine.Somebody went in the next cubicle but I didn't give a fuck,he must have heard us,I quickly realised he could do more than that when I felt an extra hand feeling my arse,the hole in the partition was big enough for him to get his arm through.

The bloke who was fucking me pushed my backwards so that the hand could come between my legs from behind,it played with my balls.That lasted a couple of minutes then my bloke turned me towards the partition,there was a huge cock with a small pair of balls fully through.

My bloke got behind me and pushed me downwards to it,I'd never had a cock in my mouth in my life,I'D seen it in the mags and cd's and I wanted it.I took as much as I could of it in,I tried to keep my teeth off it.He banged against the partition grunting loudly from the other side.

My blke was leaning right over me,his cock firmly planted between my cheeks throbbing and twitcing as he rubbed it hard up and down,both his arms were around me,one hand holding tightly on my balls while the other wanked me,the stubble of his chin rubbing against my back.

One of his hands took his cock and I quickly knew he was going to try and fully fuck me,he rubbed the slippery head of his cock hard against my hole trying to push it in,he had no chance.Suddenly the cock in my mouth jacked off which I only realised when my mouth filled with spunk,I was so taken up with the other cock trying to fuck my arse.

The sudden heat and wetness between my cheeks and I realised he was also jacking off,his cock was suddenly all over my arse,deep moans coming from him.At least he didn't stop wanking me,I jacked off like never before,neither had I ever been so covered in spunk.I stayed on an extra 2 days at the b&b,I was fucked by probably 5or6 other blokes,best holiday of my life.