Written by cocksuckingman

13 Mar 2013

I feel as though I am really starting to get to grips with my new sexual role as cum slut to the horny older men who frequent my local adult cinema. As I have started to go regularly I am definitely developing a reputation as oral slut, there to be used by anyone who wants to. No sooner have I positioned myself at the back of the cinema than I have at least one, often two or three men come up and stand leaning against the wall near me. They seem quite a bit more forward too, as they have started to just pull their lovely, big, meaty cocks out as soon as they walk up, rather than waiting for me to make the first move. I must admit it makes me feel quite deliciously slutty to have these horny guys stroking their cocks to full erection over the thought of my lips enveloping their hard shafts.

A quick glance over is all it takes now to establish whether they are there to use me, or to watch, and doesn’t take long for me to be back in my favourite position, on my knees, cock in mouth, sucking like a good little whore while the audience wanks over my slutty antics. The men are definitely getting bolder too. More vocal for a start, telling me what a nasty slut I am, and describing how they are going to fuck me, telling me what a good little cock sucker I am and pointing out how many cocks are queuing up for my services. Of course, that is what really gets me going, the humiliation of being treated like a real slut, just used and abused as a cum dump, hearing all those dirty names they call me, dreaming of taking it ever further.

It is happening slowly. The time before last I happened to meet quite a dominant gent who, once my mouth was securely latched onto his beautiful, hard cock proceeded to inform me that a slut like me should be naked. He ordered me to strip right there in the cinema in front of everyone, then just to add to my humiliation, ordered me to parade from one cinema to the other, announcing that I would suck anyone who wanted to use my mouth. I was blushing so hard as I obeyed his orders, but I obviously wasn’t quite submissive enough as I still got such a hard spanking when I returned!

The last time was different again. The first man to use me decided that I needed to be taught the proper behaviour for a cum slut whore so after he had filled my mouth with a rather large load of hot spunk he ordered me to remain on my knees with my head bowed as I heard him walking around the cinema telling every man in there that there was a hot, wet mouth just waiting to be filled. Quite a few took him up on his generous offer, and he was right, I really did feel like a whore as the men crowded round, cocks in hand, eager to fuck my slutty throat. Of course, the real treat for me was that one of the men he offered me to had a truly magnificent, long, thick, veiny black cock. The sight of my lips stretched by that thick black rod obviously met with approval from the rest of the men as I was rewarded with two loads over my face and various lovely comments along the lines of how easily I had been turned into a proper BBC cum slut!

Still waiting for them to get confident enough to start using my tight little sissy pussy, but from the way they have started fingering me I just know it can only be a matter of time….