Written by Jon_Lane

31 Mar 2012

I made contact with Jim on a nudist personals website. He was an older male in his late sixties, ten years older than me. His profile told me that he liked to be nude as often as he could and that he was bisexual. We chatted on the web a few times and arranged to meet up, he was only ten miles away from me and lived on his own.

The morning we were due to meet I have to admit I was nervous and wondered whether I should go. I had been nude on beaches on my own and with a previous girlfriend and had watched guys displaying themselves and wanking off, I had even caught a threesome in the dunes once sucking each other’s cock but I had never plucked up courage to have any physical contact with anyone. This would probably be the first time.

I got up early because I couldn’t sleep and I had a shower and shaved my pubic area and balls until it was as naked as I hoped the rest of me would be later. In chatting with Jim he had told me he was shaved and how he liked to see others shaved. I dressed and had my breakfast and set off on the short journey to Jim’s. The excitement or anxiety increased as I drove. I followed the directions that Jim had given me and drove into a quiet leafy cul-de-sac and to the house at the end, a large detached sixties build house. I pulled on to the drive and even then I thought about just driving back home but decided to stay and see how things developed.

I got out of the car and went to the front door and rang the bell. For a while there didn’t seem to be anyone in and I wondered if Jim had decided against meeting me. Suddenly the door opened and I have to admit I was a little shocked to see Jim completely nude. Although it was a quiet cul-de-sac there were people about and I was a bit worried Jim might be seen but he clearly wasn’t concerned. We shook hands, quite formal for those situation I suppose and then he showed me into his lounge.

Jim told me to sit down and make myself comfortable. I didn’t know whether that was a euphemism to suggest I take my clothes off but I sat down completely clothed. We began to chat and I confessed to Jim that I nearly chickened out and he told me that he half expected me to do so because he had arranged for several men to visit him previously and the majority didn’t turn up. Jim asked me if I wanted a drink and I asked for coffee and he went through to the kitchen to make it.

Jim shouted from the kitchen to tell me that if I wanted to take my clothes off I could go through to his study and strip off and leave my clothes there. I thought that it was now or never and went to the room he suggested and stripped and walked back into the lounge where Jim was sitting down. I felt even more naked because of my shaved cock and felt a little nervous which was evidenced in my shrinking cock. I had hoped I would look a little more impressive but it was not to be.

I sat down opposite Jim and we chatted for a while just talking about our mutual love of being nude and I noticed his cock gradually growing until he had a full blown erection. We just carried on talking making no reference to his obvious excitement. My cock began to stir and soon we were both sitting with swollen erections. Jim’s cock was long and a little thinner than mine but impressive.

Jim then said we should take advantage of the sunny weather and go outside in the garden. I presumed, wrongly, that he meant that we would have to put our clothes on and when I said this he started to laugh saying that he goes nude in his garden all the time as it wasn’t overlooked and with this he got up and went out to the back garden his cock bouncing as he went and I followed with mine in a similar state and it was lovely to feel the warm sunshine on my skin.

We sat down on the two sun loungers about half way down the garden but after about five minutes I couldn’t take it any longer.

‘Jim,’ I said, ‘could I feel your cock?’

‘I thought you’d never ask’, was his reply and he stood up and came over to me and proffered his veiny cock and I grabbed hold of it and pulled his foreskin back and pre-cum oozed from the end of his prick and I began to wank him slowly and he moved his hips in time to my movements. He leaned down and took my cock in his hand and mirrored my handling of his cock. Then, I did something I had never done before, I moved my mouth towards his shaved groin and put his big dick in my mouth. It tasted salty and I tasted a surge of more salt as his cock oozed some more precum. He pulled away and beckoned me to get up from the lounger and lay down on the grass. AS I stood up he grabbed hold of my cock and his and rubbed them together. I was wet with my own precum. We then got down on the grass and I went back to what I was doing, namely sucking his cock. He pulled my legs back until I was straddling his face and he took my cock in his mouth, 69 style. After a few minutes I didn’t thin I would last much longer without coming and I didn’t want to just yet.

‘I’m nearly cumming Jim,’ I said,’and I don’t want to yet’

‘OK, we can stop a little while, Jim replied and I climbed off his face and lay back on the warm grass and he joined me. His cock twitched and glistened in the sun and was so inviting it wasn’t long before I had my mouth on it again and I wanted so much for him to cum in my mouth. He pulled away after a while saying he didn’t want to cum yet and he suggested we just take a break and have a drink. I went and sat on the lounger and he went in and poured some cold beer and brought it out. Our cocks subsided for a while as we chatted and drank the beer but when the chat got round to sexual fantasies my cock began twitching again and was soon fully erect and I was ready to go now and I knew once Jim got hold of it this would be when I cum.

We lay on the grass again this time with Jim on top of me and I nearly gagged as he pushed the full length of his cock down my throat and I was enjoying the warm feel of my own cock in his mouth. It was not going to be long now, I could feel the spunk rising and Jim skillfully brought me right to the edge and back again until I could hold back no more and I shot my load down his throat and as soon as I did I could feel the salty tang of his cum hit my tongue and he seemed to shoot again and again until I couldn’t hold all the cum in my mouth and it oozed down my chin. We lay for a moment, he on top of me, as our cocks softened and we both came down from the excitement that our bodies had created.

We finished off our time together with a couple of more beers and a little more cock play bit no cumming and agreeing we should arrange to do it again. Jim asked me if I would like to meet in a group with some other guys he knew and my reply?

‘You bet!’