Written by Tonto

9 Oct 2009

As he watched me standing naked at my window he put his hand on the front of his shorts and held his cock through them.I moved my hands up and down my body then slowly turned around,my hands going from my breasts to my arse cheeks fondling myself then between my legs to play with my balls.

I could see the rise and fall of his chest,his mouth opening a little more as he watched me.He went to his shed and with the door open stripped off his shorts and underpants,he already had a massive hardon,he stood watching me as he wanked himself.

He was beckoning to me to join him,I decided to let him wait a bit,I was enjoying seeing him beating on his cock.I smiled to myself thinking if his wife suddenly appeared and wondered if he,d fucked her last night,mind you if he had then he produced some juice in that cock to be wanting more.

I found my shorts,they were spunk stained from the previous day,he watched me as I put them on then went inside his shed,he must have been sure I was going to join him and I did.

He was standing naked at some shelving a small suitcase open,he was laying pictures out on the shelf,he looked at me and said good morning,his cock was ramrod hard.

He looked at my spunk stained shorts and said take them off I want to play with you,he knew how to take control,I obeyed him.Thats better he said,you were driving me mad playing with yourself at the window you cheeky little bastard,come here.

He got on his knees and sucked my cock a few times,thats fucking lovely he said as he stood up his hand going on my cock and wanking me.

On the shelf he,d laid out a series of photos,all of young men,some naked all with hardons,some with spunk shooting from their cocks,others were dressed in womens underwear,some just in sexy briefs and some in the full kit,like them he asked,yes I said and I meant it.

He unlocked a drawer and took out a camera,one of them instant photo things.He led me to a stool and sat me on it,arranged my hands behind my head,opened my legs wide apart and wanked my cock a little making sure it was upright as possibe,he pulled gently on my balls until he,d fully exposed the head of my cock,stood back and went mmmmm.

He took a picture and put it on the shelf then another,he put my hand on my cock as if I was wanking myself and took another.He stood me up and spread my legs apart then lay on the floor between them and took a picture from there,all the time going mmm...mmmm.

As he got off the floor he again took my cock in his mouth and sucked it as he wanked himself,his hand went around my back spread my arse cheeks apart,a finger found my hole and pushed gently into me,I fucking love that.

He took a collection of womens underwear from the drawer,selected a bra and turning me one way and then another put it on me,he rubbed his cock against me as he did it,he fitted it properly over my breasts,mmmmm, he said.

He wanked my cock with one hand as he selected a pair of briefs,looking at my cock as if to get the right size.When he was happy with a pair he held them for me to step into,they were so tiny they just covered my balls,but he was happy.

He turned me around looking me up and down,mmmmm,he said ,nice.He got his camera and took several pictures of me from different angles.He pulled the tiny briefs upwards and got my cock and my balls out the leg,got on his knees and sucked me,giving himself a good wanking.

He went to his suitcase and produced poppers,he sniffed deeply on it and put it to my nose,it made me completely rampant,I started to wank myself like fuck,he pulled my hand off my cock and held it tightly,I could feel it throbbing in his tight fist.

When I,d calmed down he got a condom from his suitcase,I wanked myself slowly as I watched him roll it onto his cock,I knew he was going to fuck me,I wanted him to.

He led me to a small table and arranged my hands on it,then spread my legs apart until he got my arse at the right level.He used some lubricant on his fingers and gently inserted them,one at first then two,deep into my arsehole,it was fantastic.

I felt the tip of his throbbing cock replace his fingers,his hands went on my hips and pulled me backwards onto it.It was fucking huge,hurt a little but lovely.

With slow backwards and forward movement he pushed deeper and deeper into me,it seemed to fill my whole body,I felt his groin touch against my arse,he was fully in.

His hands came around me,one moving up my body to feel my breasts through my bra then down to hold my balls the other wanking my cock.That deep gutteral noise again as he started pumping his cock in and out of my arsehole.

He was slamming into me then with one massive thrust he started to fill me with his spunk wanking me faster and faster as he emptied himself.I came off like never before,my whole body almost off the floor suspended on his cock.

I was barely back in my bedroom when I heard his wife shouting to him that she was home,coming dear I heard him shout back,if she only knew how much he,d come already.