Written by Kirk

14 Jun 2012

I'm gay 19 yr old man,I have had what might be described as "straight" gay sex,mutual masturbation and oral sex.I'm in an on/off relationship with somebody and though it satisfies my basic sexual needs its not very adventurous.At first it was great and even though he was'nt into female undies it was a fetish of mine for some time and he is very supportive and regularly buys me beautiful sexy little things.We do compromise and have naked sex but he is also happy for me to wear sexy bra and panties during sex and I'm gratefull for that.

I am a rather shy and some would say timid person,I imagine that at one time I would be ridiculed for being of slight build and a mere five feet one inch.I suppose I'm a little bit too aware of my own sexual "bits",my on/off partner boasts a very manly seven and a half inches which fills my hand during masturbation and my mouth during oral sex whilst I barely make half that size.Don't get me wrong,he dosen't critisise my lack of size,he claims to actually find it very sexy.

When I first had sex with him,his completely smooth pubic area was for me a plus because I have never grown any significant pubic hair and it was something I had a little issue with,he encouraged me to remove the little bit I had.So I know I should be content but for some reason I needed more and to some extent this has been innitiated by reading stories of sex with complete strangers in public toilets.

Three weeks ago I visited an area where a writer on this site said there was still one of the old style toilets,it took me a little searching to find it but I did.I was nervous but very excited,for me this was a first,the toilet smelled and was in semi darkness which for some weird reason added to my sexual arousal.

The girls undies I was wearing were new,just bra and panties but small and tight.The bonus of a small cock,if there is one,is that for an undie wearer like me even with a full erection it can be contained inside the panties.From reading the stories of public toilet sex I felt I knew what was involved.

When my eyes adjusted I could see there were two cubicles,both doors closed,there was a elderly looking man at the urinal,I could tell he was holding his cock but did'nt know what he was doing with it.He was a lot taller than me and made no attempt not to look at me,I found that a little bit funny but at least it told me why he was in there.

I was surprised how I was trembling as I opened my pants,he hag already turned more in my direction and was now making no attempt to hide his actions.His cock and also his balls were out of his pants,he was fully erect and was slowly masturbating himself,his cock was very similar in size to my partners,I instantly began to get little doubts about letting him see mine,he might even laugh.

I knew I had to go with it,at least I already had an erection,he took a step closer to me,I could smell him,he was full face on to me,he moved his hand faster and I watched as his balls bobbed up and down.He was looking down at my hand waiting for me.I pushed the tight panties down under my own balls,opened my pants fully and let him see.

He did'nt laugh,he immediately reached and moved my own hand away and even though he was a big man his touch was very gentle,not just wanking me but feeling and touching me,I was used to my partner wanting to explore me so I let him have his way.He wanted me to lower my pants and even though I was'nt sure if it was safe I wanted to do it,so I did.

He reached for my panties and took them from under my balls and putting them back in place over my cock.I pulled my teeshirt up to reveal my bra.One of the cubicle doors opened and a man probably in his forties was standing there completely naked and masturbating,he stood there and watched as the older man felt me through my undies,his hand now moving ever quicker on his cock.

I've seen it often enough to know he was going to bring himself off,however often I see that happen I still love to see it.He slipped his fingers down inside the panties and held my cock tightly and instantly started to come off,thankfully with not enough force to land onto me.

The man in the cubicle wanted me and this was why I was here,I pulled my pants up and joined him.I got my first sight of a "gloryhole",it was large and visible on the other side was another naked and sexually aroused body.Within minutes I was dressed in just a tight little bra and equally tight little panties my body being shared between two naked men who seemed to be completely besotted by the body that I am so unsure of.To date I've visited the toilet three times each time having a new and brilliantly exciting experience.

I am still having sex with my partner but now as he's handling and fondling me my mind is elsewhere,he has noticed that I don't come off as quickly as I used to,previously he always liked me to come off first but now it is mostly the other way around.