Written by gaz

3 Nov 2011

never a more true word said,"never judge a book by its cover" im a gay guy in my 40s and went out to a pub on tuesday night hoping to meet someone,as it got to midnight it seems that i wasnt,the pub was packed but nothing happenend.i ask a barman if he could get me a taxi and i told him where i was going,he said it would be 2 hours,a voice next to me said,im not being rude but ive got a taxi coming and im going your way we could share the cost,he said his name was greg,he was about 62,and his friend with him was dave he was about 60,we chatted till the taxi arrived,(they wasnt the guys i went for)as the taxi stopped at thier place i was asked in for coffee,once inside we was chatting on the sofa they both started to rub my legs,i was not expecting this i then started to kiss greg while i was doing this dave was removing my trousers and pants,he then started to suck me,me and greg were kissing with tongues, that night until the next morning i was fucked cum on,given great blow jobs and and spunked down my throat,im going to stay a weekend with them.what guys