Written by gazz

31 Jan 2012

its funny that when out shopping you know when a guy is gay or not,im in my 40s and live in london,and sometimes use the gay chat sites,but about 5 days before xmas i was shopping in guildford,and looking at clothing i picked up some briefs and out of the corner of my eye caught a guy in his late 50s doing the same,he smiled over as i put the briefs in front of me to see what they looked like,he came round they look fab he said,he said his name was andy and asked if i wanted a coffee,which i said yes,i saw you looking at me he said,are you gay,i said i was he said he was to,after talking and some shopping he invited me to his place for coffee,we got to his home and sat on his sofa,i was talking when he leaned over and kissed me,come up to bed he said,he told me to go into the bedroom and make myself comfy,i stripped off to my briefs,im not that large,andy came in and started kissing me,tongue deep in my mouth,he stripped off he had a thick un-cut cock,we lay on the bed kissing and touching,i then took his cock in my mouth and started sucking,andy was moaning and fingering my arse,he got up went to a draw and came back with a dildo and lube,going to get you ready to fuck he said,he lubed me up and pushed the dildo in and out,i was moaning loud,he stopped and put a condom on,he was fucking away for what seemed ages,he pulled out and i began sucking him,i then took the condom of and worked faster andy shouted im cumming,i sucked faster until he cum,what seemed like a flood into my mouth,i swallowed the lot,we stayed in bed all day playing,we now meet every weekend,and have great sex,andy wants to find another whos 40 plus to fuck me while he watches,he looks through the week hoping to have a surprise when i arrive on saturday.