Written by nervous guy

9 Nov 2009

I was bored on a friday night with not much else to do, so thought I would hop on a train and head to a london sauna in limehouse.

feeling nervous I had a few to steady the nerves and get me in the mood. Stopping off to pick up some sexy lingerie on the way I had fantasies rolling through my head of how it would turn out, and what would happen.

Feeling nervous I walked in, paid my entrance fee and hid the lingerie in one of the towels I was given. I walked around for a bit and there were quite a few people there, building up the courage I walked into the dark rooms section and closed one ot=f the doors behind me.

I got changed, shaking with nerves, putting on the basque and stokcing that I had brought along, blindfolding myself so that I would have no idea what was going to happen... I laid back, and then unlocked the door, pulling it open just a little bit so people would hopefully walk in and see me there, as a sissy, blindfolded and playing with myself.

It didnt take long before I felt a hand on me. The thrill of the anonymous meet was astounding... it felt like I had electricity running through me as he started to rub my arse, and positioned himself between my legs. The onlt thing I did was to check he was using the condom I left by my legs. I then felt him rub the lube around, as he lifted me up, stroking my body, and slowly entering me.

It felt divine, I wrapped my legs around him pulling him deeper into me, being the sissy slut that I wanted to be he kept fucking me. I was hoping that the door would open but it seemed he preferred some discretion, constanlty fucking me and kissing me until he finally came inside me.

Without knowing who he was he cleaned up and left, I waited for a while, but got too nervoues, and decided to leave shortly after. I cant wait for it to happen again, and am hoping to head there soon to see how far I can go... I kinda hope that while blindfolded I get taken out on parade so everyone can see what kind of a slut I really am deep down inside