Written by Terry

20 Aug 2010

Its a few years ago now,I was in my late teens.I liked to think I was into outward bound stuff.During summer holidays I'd go off to camp sites and do mountain walking and things,I was happy being on my own.My first gay experience came at a camp site,it had'nt really crossed my mind that I was that way inclined.

There was hardly anybody staying at the camp site,it was just a small place with a couple of caravans,I was using a tent.I could,nt get the hot water to work in the shower,which was a primitave affair anyway.

The owner was a chap in his 50s he lived in a bungalow on site.He came and sorted it out and left.I was in the shower which was just an open area when he returned,its working OK then he said as he stood watching me.Yes I said swallowing water,its fine,I just wanted him to leave,he was eyeing me up and down.

He was wearing a pair of shorts,as he made small talk I could see his hand in his pocket playing with his cock.The water began to run cold,I reached for my towell and started to dry myself,he was watching my every movement,I had no idea what to say or do.Without warning he undid the zip on his shorts and took his cock out,it was rock hard and about seven inches long.

I,m sure my mouth was wide open as I stared at his hand giving himself a wank.He'd obviously sussed something in me that I was'nt fully aware of.I tried to cover it with the towell but there was no way I could hide my own cock getting hard.He moved closer to me and reached for it,I made a half attempt to pull away,he sussed that too.I've locked the door he said,relax.

I let him take it in his hand,I stopped breathing momentarily at the touch,the towell fell from my hands.My cock was'nt fully hard when he put his fingers around it but it was throbbing within seconds as his fingers moved expertly up and down it,I just watched his hand my hips already moving in rythem.He stopped just long enough to remove his top and his shorts,he was wearing nothing underneath,he'd come prepared.

He pulled me onto him and ground our cocks together I loved it.He put his hand between our bodies and wanked me some more,he wanked both our cocks together.He went on his knees and took my cock in his mouth and started to suck on it,I took to it all like a duck to water.

It was the first time I'd ever had the joy of holding and then wanking another mans cock followed by my first taste of cock.When he first tried to get his cock up me I could'nt take it but he was persuasive,he gently opened me with his finger and plenty of soap,so much so that after a little while I wanted his cock inside me.I can still feel the head as it made its entry and then the slow in out movement until all seven inches filled my eager arsehole.

We shagged each other several times over the next couple of days,in the showers,in his bungalow ,in my tent,loved it.