Written by barebacktv

24 Mar 2015

I'm 35 from Scotland and was straight till six months ago. My wife had a affair and left to live with her fancy man, she lived with him for two months then she came back and we back together moved on. What she doesn't know is that after she left I started to tart myself up in her slutty clothes(I'm slim and am sometimes mocked for being a bit fem) and would toss of thinking first of her with her fancy man and then of me with a man. After a month I put on sussys and knickers and went around the public bogs in Edinburgh. At first I just read the horny graffiti but when I went into one older toilet two men standing at the urinals were playing with there cockmeat I stood next to them and took my cock out we looked at each others cock and wanked and one said what do you like ,I was panting like a little whore and I said I wanted to suck and would like to be fucked. They took me in to a cubicle and we all took our trousers down . I was so slutty in my sussys I knelt down and sucked the first cock he wasn't huge but thick it tasted so filthy . He grunted and I gagged as he shot first in my mouth then in my face and longish hair then he left. The second man shut the door and said did I still want fucked I said yes(I had been using wife's vibrator) I bent over and he said did I want it raw. I nodded -i wanted it bareback its always been my best fantasy to have a region bareback cock in my marries cissy shitter. He shoved it up and the next 60 seconds were great as he fucked me raw and when he said I'm gonna cum can I do it inside I nodded and he came in my arose. That was my first gay exp I've had many more over the last few months my wife has know idea I'm a cumdump cissy for bareback cock.