Written by bouncingball7

31 Dec 2012

I submitted a story a couple of months ago about my first time with another man http://www.swingingheaven.co.uk/stories/story-95961.html. I met this guy on a few more occasions over the following months about 3 or 4 times we sucked wanked and kissed and although we discussed it never fucked. The horniest it got was the first time he came in my mouth, I still wank about that now, unfortunately he didn't let me suck him clean.

I went back ti looking for someone else the next guy I met was a bit of a disappointment. Even I had the initial buzz when within couple of minutes we'd both stripped naked I was disappointed when I saw how small his cock was, it was barely more than an inch long. He did suck well and I came in his mouth.

The next guy I met was more like it. It was the sort of meet I like where after a few minutes chatting it became clear that we were both up for some fun. He came round to mine later that evening. We both stripped and thankfully he had a decent sized cock that was already getting hard. We stood opposite each other naked and we reached out and took hold of each others penis' I felt his cock getting harder in his hand as my cock got harder in his. I like kissing and we hadn't discussed this aspect in our chat, but as we were fondling each others cocks we both leaned in and kissed.

We sucked, wanked, kissed and he even rimmed me. He is a top and asked me if I wanted to fuck. I said yes but another time. Eventually we both came, it was a good session and I looked forward to repeating it.

A couple of days later I was still horny and we started chatting online again.

"wanna come round" I asked.

"Can I fuck you" he replied.

"Yes" was my answer.

He was round in no time armed with lube, condoms and a cock ring.

We started off with sucking, wanking and kissing as before but soon he had me bent over as he stuck his fingers up my arse to get me loose enough to take his cock. He rolled the condom on and started to fuck me. It was my first time and I was really tight. I think at this point I could no longer to claim to be merely bi-curious and was definately bi (not gay though cause I still love fucking women). He took the condom off and finished by cumming on my chest. It was an incredibly horny session.

We've continued meeting every few weeks or couple of months the routine being the same of sucking, wanking, kissing and him fucking me. He's top only so I'm still yet to fuck a man up his arse. It's on my wish list and maybe 2013 will be my year.

I did break another taboo earlier this week, after a family Christmas I was back home alone and cruising gay chat rooms. My friend was online and extremely horny. He came round a couple of hours later I was wearing just a towel and a t-shirt. as soon as he was through the front door he pulled my towel off, was on his knees and had my cock in his mouth. He sucked me hard and only stopped cause we were going upstairs. Upstairs I put some porn on the laptop while he stripped off. As soon as he was naked I had his cock in my mouth. We then got on the bed, caressed each others bodies and snogged each others faces off. He then moved behind me and played with my arsehole, I played with my cock and watched the porn. I felt him opening my arse cheeks and nudging my ring with his cock, he didn't have a condom on but I didn't care.

"fuck me" I said

"fuck my arse, I want you to cum inside" he did, I felt his warm cum in my arse. I wanked my cock I'd never felt it so big and hard in my hand. I shot my load and we both lay there exhausted. After a couple of minutes I reached behind me and pulled his limp cock out from my arse, got up and headed into the shower.

I'm sure I'll see my friend again soon.