Written by MIKE

20 Dec 2017

I've always been partial to wearing skimpy panties and always fancied being groped and touched up.

Well this actually happened whilst visiting a men outfitters

I was feeling somewhat horny so slipped on a pair of sheer panties and headed off into town for a bit of shopping

I went into a gents outfitters and an elderly gentlemen was there...you know the type tape measure round his neck and glasses

I asked for a pair of trousers to try on and took them into to changing room ...leaving the curtain slightly ajar..I took my jeans off showing my panties. ....he asked if everything was ok...and saw him looking through the gap in the curtain. .....I was then getting rather aroused. ..and I said probably need another size.....he then said he would measure my waist and inside leg.

As he placed the tape measure against me he said "very nice indeed " and gently touched my now hardening cock.

He left and I heard him lock the shop door....on his return he said I was a very naughty boy and proceeded to stroke my cock and arse...he then gave me a slap on the bottom ...this made me groan he then un zipped his trousers bent me over and rubbed his cock up and down my arse crack and spurTed his hot cum in my panties...he then spanked me quite hard and sucked me off.....I think another visit is on the cards