Written by Isis

30 Jul 2007

I was laying on the bed, naked,on my back with a cock like iron. My mate Dave stripped in front of me looking at my 8\". his cock is slighly bigger than mine and by the time he was fully naked he was rock hard, and his cock stood up against his belly.

He gently lay down on top of me with our cocks touching. His mouth met mine and he slowly inserted his tongue. I could feel it searching round my mouth. I let my tongue lick his. He put his hands either side of my head and stroked my hair. I put my hand on the back of his head and pulled him tighly to me. We were locked together. I opened my mouth as wide as possible, and he put his whole mouth, lips and all inside and started to thrust with his tongue, licking round my mouth. I felt that I wanted to swallow him. I knew what he wanted to do next, so I opened my legs and raised them over his back and curled my hips upwards. I felt him move so that his cock was rubbing against my arse. I thrust my tongue upwards into his mouth and he suck hard at it. He began to curl his buttocks upwards so that his nob was moving nearer towards my arse hole. I moved towards him to help him get there. I could feel his tongue curling upwards to the top of my mouth. He reached the right spot with his massive stiff cock. I knew it was going to be painful at first, but my god, how I wanted him. His head pressed down hard on me with our lips sealed together, as he pushed his nob at my anus. I spread my legs which were up in the air as wide as I could to open my hole for him. I felt that he was opening me a little and I tried to widen my hole for him. He was thrusting his tongue into my mouth which I had closed a little so that it was tight against his tongue. I suddenly felt his nob go through the muscle of my arse, and I wanted to scream, but his mouth was tight on mine, so I pressed my mouth tightly to him. Slowly he penetrated my rectum inch by inch. It felt as if we were one body joined at the mouth and the arse. My rectum began to relax and I knew that I was taking all of him into me. Also my rectum began to lubricate so that he began to go in more easily. Soon I knew that his monster was fully home and his balls were pressing agaist my arse. I began to thrust my tongue in and out of his mouth and he knew waht I wanted so he began to move his cock inside me, slowly at first. It was dreamy and I was in heaven. I was able to move my cock along his belly when he came down on me. He paused inside me and kissed me tenderly, and I responded. Then I sensed that this was it. He started to move in and out in a steady rhythm. I moved my buttocks with him. Soon we had a fantastic motion going, and we increased in speed. The bed was bouncing and moving along with us. We pushed our lips together harder and harder. My cock was rubbing against his belly as he moved into me. We both abandoned our bodies and let the vigorous movement of his fucking action and the bucking of my buttocks. He got more and more violent as he hit me time after time with his rod. In spite of our lips being sealed together I could feel him gasping and panting, and I knew, my god how fantastic, he was about to go into an orgasm and release his load. When I say load, I mean load. When he gives me facials he covers me with thick streams of spunk. Then he came.It felt hot and the long valve down his cock was swelling and contracting as he shot load after load into me.I thought he would never stop. He was slowing a little, then he thrust again and it felt hot inside me.I had been pressing my cock on his belly, and christ, I came. We were biting against one another\'s lips and panting. My spunk was trapped between our bellies, but I shot a good load as I found out when we pulled apart later.

Dave stopped inside me for about a quarter of an hour, and we were gently kissing. He was rock hard all of this time. Gradually he withdrew his hard cock, and I marvelled at the size of what had been in me. He got up onto his knees, and he put his hand on my belly and stroked the spunk. I could feel his spunk oozing out of my arse. He lay down besides me and we embraced and kissed again.