Written by neighbour

28 Dec 2009

I live in a block of flats where the walls are not that thick, so most of the time I can here whats happening in the flat next door and i assume they can here me as well.

Two nights ago the girls next door was on here way out the same time as me, and as i opened my door she charged out of her door and bumped into me.

She does not normally wear to much anyway and this night she had on just here stocking, panties, very small knickers , and a fur coat, undone.

Where you off to i said, to which she replied, upsrairs to keith a shelly for some fun

want to join us.

Well at this point i will say I have had some fun with shelly and keith does not know, Jan my neighbour does know as he asnd shelly are mates but joining them all i must say was not something i had considered even thought I had heard through the wall it was fun.

Anyway i went out and came back at about 3am from work and found a note on my door saying give us a knock want some fun tonight as you missed out earlier

well i at first thought it was shelly then found in second when the door opened that it was Jan and there she was dressed as she had bee earlier minus the fur coat.

She took my hand and into her flat we went, sitting on the sofa was her boyfriend fast asleep very quietly she took me into her bedroom and closed the door.

then wispered in my ear to take my clothes off and get into bed, This didnt take long and she jumped in with my, having been out i was still cold and her warm body next to mine was very nice indeed.

Anyway we kissed touch, sucked and finally when i was totall hard as a rock she sat on my cock and fucked very slow and very deep

having been at work i was very tired and will admit at this point i fell asleep, only to wake and find the covers over me jan lying next to me but someone sucking my cock.

It did not take me second to realise who it was and there under the covers was her boyfriend helping him self to a large mouthfull of my cock, he suck me back hard and them watched as i fucked jan once again, just as i came she pulled me out and her sucked the lot out of me and cleaned it all up.

seems they have heard more than i thought through the wall and when i had my Tv friend round they realisd i was bi and might be willing to join there small group for some fun.

Since then Shelly and Keith along with Jan and Dave myself and my TV Friend Sara have al had some fun together, and i hope lots more will come