Written by What a way to win my bonus

5 Oct 2019

Being in real estate we are all looking for a bonus , i was selling a selected property in Brighton , i had been texting John for a few weeks , we met up , he was a good looking bastard and he knew it.

A quick walk thru the property he was keen , the property wasnt cheap and i needed the deal for my portfolio and the cash bonus would keep my bank manager happy.

I thought i had lost the deal i pressured John and with desperation i said i would do anything for the deal , he smirked we went up stairs to check out the master bed room then John rubbing his bulge he unzipped and pulled out an impressive cock , he said come and show me how much u want the deal , with my hands behind my back and on my knees my mouth and throat went to town in his cock , he was calling me his suck bitch , he ordered me to deep throat him until i gagged , i was hoping he was going to come quick but no , he ordered me to take off my trousers and briefs , John then rimmed out my arse hole while wanking my cock , he said i want to fuck your arse , i said ive never been fucked he said if you want the deal get in the position .

He rolled on a condom , spat on his cock , and with pressure he popped his cock into my arse , then slowly he pushed all his length into me , i was wincing with pain but the pain and throb became a nice throb , then John , was fucking my hole , i was wanking my cock as he fucked me.

He pulled out told me to lay back on the bed with my legs up , John pushed back in my hole and proceeded to fuck me , he said he was going to come soon he pulled out removed the comdom and ordered me to suck him off , i set about his cock , john grabbed my head and mouth fucked me , without warning he erupted in my mouth causing me to splutter.

I cleaned up his cock.

I got dressed , i gave away my anal cherry and i got my bonus.

Taking one for me , it was a horny experience that i may try again .......we will see