Written by sutcliffshammer

29 Oct 2010

Now for anyone who knows Amsterdam they will be able to relate to what I am saying and even know the places I am talking about,if not and you are planning to go this will give you a bit of information.

I landed at Schipol 1800hrs Thursday and went straight to my hotel ,got out of my clothes put on my jeans no underwear and Tshirt then straight down to Damrak to Drakes Sex Shop which has a cinema upstairs,well not really a cinema but about 20 cabins running multiple fuck films all with glory holes, now i like to take a middle one as it gives you more options to get a bite,there were probably 10 or 12 guys mooching around in the semi darkness so I jumps in one of the cubicles and shuts the door,took no more than a minute for a hand to come through the hole,I slaps my already hard cock into it,then no sooner has my cock been gripped I feel lips round it slurping away,I stop the guy as I am ready to cum as I have not shot my load for a week,I beckon for him to give me his cock,this smallish thick cock is pushed through the hole,no sooner had my mouth gone round the thick bell end it started spurting thick globs of spunk into my throat, I swallowed the lot.

I sit back in the cabin and start to play with my knob for a few minutes and all of a sudden the thickest blackest cock I have ever seen came through the hole,this thing was the thickness of a coke can and around 8 inches long, I lept at it with gusto but no matter how hard I tried I could only get around a 3rd of it in due to its enormous girth,its was all to brief with in a minute it was bucking and throbbing shooting large amounts of thick creamy spunk into my mouth,I actually missed the 1st spurt as I was licking his balls but it hit the wall 3ft away,I managed to lap up the rest,like a cat with a pot of clotted cream.

I decided to go to another of my usual haunts a cinema near the flower market called B1 which has a straight cinema 1st floor,gay 2nd floor with glory holes and a maze then a dark room with cubicles on the top floor, now I go into the straight cinema 1st and there is only 2 old guys in there,2nd floor the same,top floor was empty,I decide to sit down and watch the straight movie,after about 25mins a couple comein and I think they are a man and a woman but on closer look the woman is actually a man,they both come and sit next to me on the back row which is made up of 2 sofas,the guy gets his cock out and starts wanking,the TV who looks around 23 or 24 gets his out,I already have my trousers round my ankles so we start to get it on big style,the Tv is getting fucked in the ass on all 4s,I am in a 69 position with the TV on top and we are sucking each other,eventually the Tv gets my weeks worth and drank every drop and I get a mouthfull off both of them.

I decide to call it a day for now as I have 3 more days to spend fucking and sucking.

I did plenty over the next 3 days in all the cinemas and a sauna as well as a couple of cruising bars which have darkrooms in the cellar.

What a city.