Written by markie2008

24 Sep 2013

I hadn't been to the sauna for a while but for some reason, the idea popped up into my head to return for a visit. This is the sauna in Leeds situated near the railway station and as I suspected, my membership had expired so I paid my fees, undressed and showered and went upstairs to see what, if anything was happening. There were a couple of guys hanging around but there wasn't anything that seemed about to happen. Perhaps it was me, but I settled down to watch some porn not expecting much. As I masturbated, a black guy came in and looked like he was interested but turned out to be more shy than I was! I should have made a move as I've never had black cock! Anyway, I was getting bored when I thought, why not pop into one of the cubicles? Initiating the first move always seems the most difficult part to this business! Anyway, I had been in the cubicle for just a couple of minutes and my eyes had just become used to the dark when I noticed someone had pushed their cock through the gloryhole! I couldn't believe myself as I rubbed his cock before dropping to my knees and taking the whole thing in my mouth. I'm pretty straight but every now and again, I love to suck cock and for the next few minutes, I slurped away expecting any minute to taste cum. Instead and to my great surprise, the guy withdrew his cock and I found his fingers through the hole instead. Getting the hint, I pushed my cock through the hole and was immediately taken to heaven as his mouth expertly worked its magic. I tried to withdraw as I was close to cumming but he pushed his mouth onto my cock and took me to the point of ecstasy again. All too quickly, I couldn't hold myself back and I spunked over his mouth and face and then he disappeared. I couldn't even thank him! Feeling a bit guilty though, I called it a day.