Written by Teddy

26 Sep 2013

Last year was the last time I had sex in a public toilet,I do feel sorry for guys who have never done it,the smell,the nervousness,the anticipation and the ultimate spunking.I've lost count of how many hands have wanked my cock,how many complete strangers mouths have sucked and swallowed the spunk from me,how many cocks have I sucked,hundreds every one beautiful and succulent,size ???, made absolute no difference,there were a few that barely fitted in my mouth and others petite and pink,I always think of them as "sweet",also size didn't mean more spunk some of the smallest ones I've sucked shot copious amounts of spunk.

Remembering the first time I became aware MM sex,the first time I stood beside a guy at a urinal and realised he was wanking himself,when I first realised that my massive urge to be watched wanking wasn't just something that only I felt.I stood there and watched him,he turned towards me and smiled,its still etched on my memory,the first man I saw spunking in a public toilet,I became addicted,I was still in my teens,I realised I was one of the lucky ones,even though I loved every stroke or suck on my cock I could go for ages before spunking,I suppose in some ways I was a lot in demand.Most of the guys I sucked or wanked in the early days were older than me,I loved the variety of cocks and the variety of ways men wanted me to give them sexual relief.I have my own little foibles,I love to have sex in sexy undies,latterly I invariably ended up naked in public toilets,on many occasions I sat naked in a cubicle and depending on how they wanted it I wanked or sucked off 20 or 30 guys in an evening,I used one toilet which was literally an open house for sex,you barely had one out of your mouth or hand when another needed your services. So many many fantastic experiences,still enjoy MM sex but I do miss the excitement of sex with so many complete strangers.