Written by tony-handman

6 Sep 2011

Many years ago I lived in London close to a shopping centre. One of the attractions this mall had for me was the toilets which became a regular venue for some very horny encounters. Upon entering the door marked Gents one was confronted by a urinal on the left, consisting of a long open metal trough with a chrome backing. This backing afforded quite a good view of a fellow customer's cock reflected in the chrome as he peed. At the far end were the wash-basins and driers and on the right were six cubicles. After a few visits I had sussed out that the first three had small spy holes in the adjoining half inch thick melamine-covered wooden walls; between the fourth and fifth cubicle was a bigger hole about two inches square, but the wall separating the fifth and sixth cubicle provided the best opportunity for erotic fun - a glory hole that certainly lived up to its name. It was about six inches square, ample space to push not only the biggest cock through, but the balls as well. Glorious indeed!

Needless to say, there was frequently a queue waiting to gain occupancy of one of these two star cubicles, often in spite of the fact that one or more of the less favourable cubicles were quite obviously vacant. But on one occasion I happened to time it right. As I walked into the toilets and up the aisle between the urinals and "sit-downs", I heard two flushes and the two end doors opened. The occupants emerged, no doubt having just sated their lusts. I went into cubicle five, bolted the door, dropped my jeans and briefs and sat down. On the floor beside my feet were the tell-tale signs of a previous encounter: several globs of glistening spunk. A sheet of toilet paper had been stuck over the two holes, the big one on my right and the two-inch square one on my left.

There was someone in number four and soon his right foot was tapping on the floor just his side of the gap under the partition. I moved my left foot closer and soon we had made contact. A finger appeard from behind the sheet of paper over the hole indicating I remove it. This I did and, leaning slightly forward, I got a good view of the lap of the guy seated on the loo. He was stroking a hard average-sized circumcised cock. He stood up and seconds later a pair of knees appeared under the gap. I got down on my knees, reached under the wall and up between the man's thighs. My fingers made contact with a pair of hairy balls, then moved upward and clasped his stiff tool. He let out an audible sigh and his cock jumped in my hand. I could tell by his skin texture that he was not a young man, but no matter - I was indulging in my favourite pastime: stroking a stiffy! But this was short-lived as the sound of the outer door to the toilets opening caused us both to hastily resume our positions seated on the toilets.

The door the other side of me was opened, closed and bolted. I heard the sound of a belt unbuckling, zip sliding down and trousers being lowered....then silence. After a few seconds I noticed the paper over the big hole billowing as though someone was gently blowing it from his side. At the same time his foot appeared near the gap under the wall. This was all the encouragement I needed and I removed the paper. The sight that greeted me made me salivate and my hard cock twitch. His fist was clenched firmly round one of the most magnificent pricks I'd ever seen; beautifully shaped with a gorgeous foreskin that he was slowly rolling back and forth over a large purple helmet, the eye already glistening with pre-cum. I estimated his cock to be a good inch bigger than mine, making it about seven and a half inches and very thick. He stood up and I expected him to stick everything he had to offer through the gloryhole. Instead, his face appeared at the opening and he looked up at my face. I think he wanted to check me out before continuing.

Fortunately, he was obviously satisfied that I wasn't an ogre if not quite an adonis. But, my word, he certainly was: blond haired, muscled thighs and perfectly formed abs. I estimated him to be about 22. He stood up from his crouching position and faced the wall. The rock-solid 7.5 incher poked through, balls included, all protruding from a golden mass of pubic hair. My left hand cupped his ample bollocks and gently fondled them. My right hand grasped his twitching prick just under the ridge of his helmet. I slowly stroked downwards, rolling the foreskin off his blood-engorged bell-end. I gradually speeded up my strokes and rolled his balls in my left hand. I was squatting on the floor facing the wall of his cubicle which afforded easy access for cock to mouth contact. I flicked my tongue over the dew drop of pre-cum on the tip of his cock then slid my mouth over his helmet, rolling my tongue all around it. I sucked deeper until half the length was embedded in my face. I heard his intake of breath and the cubicle wall creak. Looking upwards, I could see his fingers grasping the top of the wall. I knew how he felt. There is nothing like the feel of an anonymous mouth or hands pleasuring your cock on their side of a gloryhole. Believe me, you have to hold on to something to prevent your knees buckling with pleasure.

It was at this point I felt a hand playing with my balls. I glanced down and saw the fully outstretched arm of the occupant of cubicle four reaching under my bum. He stretched out a little more and was now holding my cock which he proceeded to wank. I returned to my ministrations and started sucking more furiously on the thick throbbing cock from cubicle six. The young guy's breathing was intensifying and he was obviously getting close.

Much as I'd have been quite happy to take his cum in my mouth, I wanted to see him spunk (my favourite visual delight!) I slid my mouth off his cock, spat in my palm and quickly replaced my mouth with my slicked-up fist. It was just as well nobody was waiting outside the cubicles because his gasps were quite loud now. I was tossing him off furiously, at the same time enjoying the pleasures the guy in cubicle four was giving my own horned-up prick. The young man let out a loud grunt, the walls of the cubicle shook as he thrust forward and a huge rope of spunk spurt out of his cock, narrowly missing my shoulder and hitting the wall behind me! This was followed by two more voluminous jets, the third of which did catch me on the shoulder of my tee shirt. It was at this point the wanking hand of the other guy next door brought me off and I dumped a good load all over his hand and on the floor. A couple more lighter emissions from the cock in the glory hole also ensured my hand was well and truly coated.

The cock disappeared back through the hole and a sheet of toilet paper covered it from his side. I cleaned up the walls and floor of my cubicle the best I could with the few sheets remaining on the roll and by the time I opened the door and stepped out the young guy had gone. Naturally, I washed my hands!

About ten minutes later, as I was walking along the shopping mall, a youing couple came out of a shop, the man wheeling a toddler in a pushchair. As we passed, the man gave me a furtive sidelong glance. I looked at the girl and smiled to myself. "Lucky bitch! That beautiful cock and all that spunk is yours whenever you want it!"