Written by Fond Memories.

11 Aug 2011

Had to take a break then,perhaps I'll explain later.Back in the bog, as I said memories were flooding back,it was several years since my student days,nevertheless handling another mans cock again probably gave me the kind of pleasure I had'nt experienced in sex for a long time,I knew I should stop what I was doing and leave,its not as if I'm gay.

I touched the drop of precum with my finger and put it to my tongue,the sweet salty taste sent a shiver down my body,the cock moved in and out in the gloryhole wanting my attention,its as if I can't stop myself I'm on my knees and I'm touching the pulsing head with my tongue,I can hear him moan on the other side of the partition,I can tell he's pushing hard onto it wanting me to have as much as possible of his cock.

I had never had a cock in my mouth,why would I,I'm wanking myself,I'm consumed by a sexual power I don't think I'd ever before known.I'm suddenly sucking as much as I can manage of his cock into my mouth,damn that partition,I wanted more of his cock.I had almost forgotten about a mans ability to hold his spunk,his cock is suddenly pulled from me,he spoke to me through the hole,give me a minute he said,that was close,put yours through,we were having an almost normal conversation,I'd sucked his cock and now he wanted to have mine,homosexuals did things like that and yet I'm standing up and pushing my cock through the gloryhole,even at his first touch I find myself trying to push it further into his cubicle,I could hardly remember the head of my cock being so tenderly touched,my wife only concentrated on getting it as hard as was necessary to satisfy her,my cock was a convenience,it was a cucumber or a carrot.I felt his tongue lovingly lick it,then the hot inside of his mouth,the rolling of his tongue,the gentle sucking,now it was my turn to pull away,I'd not come off for over a week.

His voice at the hole,can I come in,unlock your door,I heard his door open,I did'nt have time to think,I pulled back the bolt.He came straight in holding his clothes in his hands,he was naked,he relocked the door and leant over me to place his clothes on the cistern and as he straightened up he put his hands on the back of my head and gently pulled me forward bringing my face onto his cock,he just held it there and I could feel the deep pulsing as his sexual smell filled my brain.

He took his cock in his hand and offered it to my mouth,hold me he whispered,I put my hands on his bottom cheeks as his cock touched my lips,I was aware of the tautness of his cheeks.I felt his cock come deep into my mouth and suddenly as if I'd done it scores of times before I'm sucking it,biting it softly,tonguing it,I can feel his cheeks respond to my mouth sexing his cock,I can feel my own cock ache,I have to take one of my hands off his bottom and wank myself.

The heat of his spunk surprised me,but then I'd never before had spunk come directly from a cock into my mouth,like all other men I'd tasted my own spunk,but this was being freshly delivered,I did'nt think about swallowing it I just did,my own spunk is being deposited onto the bog floor,I just could'nt stop it happening.

I found the next couple of minutes a little awkward as we cleaned up and I watched him get dressed,mind you seeing him put them little briefs back on brought a smile to my lips,it was amasing how a little piece of material was going to have such consequences in my life.He said thanks and left,he was'nt to know that for him this was just another guy sucking him off for me it was a liberation.

Even as I'm ready to leave there is another cock through the gloryhole wanting attention,I smiled opened the door and left,there was a guy waiting for my cubicle,I said good luck mate,he smiled at me as he went in the cubicle.