Written by Craig.

10 Jun 2010

I travel around a bit in my job,I was in Scotland last week.I,m married but when I,m away I take the opportunity to indulge in a bit of the other,it was much easier when gloryholes were easy to find.I was 19 when I was first wanked through one and over the past ten years I've used them every so often.

Found one in a small town in Scotland last week,it was one of the old Victorian toilets,urinal and three cubicles.One cubicle was occupied when I went in,I hoped there would be a gloryhole,I was'nt disappointed,there was a brick and a bit missing from the wall separating the cubicles.

There was a guy sitting there stripped off,he looked through the hole and smiled at me,obviously it was where it was happening.He was already sporting a lovely looking hardon,he sat back further on the toilet spread his legs wide apart and moved two fingers up and down it,one of my favourite sights is a completely clean shaven pubic region,I'd love to do my own but somehow I don't think the wife would understand,she's a bit of a traditional lady.

What I am into is sexy womens underwear,I don't think she'd understand that either.Under my very conservative suit I was wearing bra,briefs,[brief ones],suspender belt and stockings.I removed my jacket and shirt,he was on his knees watching me,gorgeous he whispered,I kicked my shoes off and slowly undid my zip,my cock was already rock hard,wow he said as the head appeared.

The zip fully down exposed my suspender belt and what there was of the briefs,barely containing my balls,he was licking his lips,I could hear his hand slapping on his thighs as he wanked,I lowered my pants,I heard him say yes,yes.

I took my pants off just as somebody came in the cubicle next door,there was a hole but not as large,I did'nt need to look to know he was getting himself an eyefull.The naked guy was back on his knees his arm coming through the hole looking for my cock,he had a soft grip and exploring fingers,I got on my knees so that he had as much access to my body as possible,his hand did'nt need any guidance,it moved to every part of my body it could reach.

I looked at the other hole,he was watching every movement.I turned around giving the naked guy access to my arse,he felt it through the material of my briefs then pulled them down to get a more intimate feel.The guy in the other cubicle put his cock through but there was'nt that much of it because of the thickness of the wall,I played with what I could hold of it,I could tell it was fairly large from the size of the swollen head,he was pushing it in and out of the hole.

I took it in my mouth and gave him a suck,I like precum but the other guy was getting a bit impatient,he was trying to turn me back around,I obliged him.His cock and balls were much more available because of the size of the hole,he can't have been long shaved and he'd also used hair remover,I recognised the smell,except for his solid hard cock his skin was as soft and smooth as a baby's.

I handled as much of him as I could get to,he had'nt the biggest cock I'd ever had fun with but size isn't everything,it tasted fantastic,its natural taste mixed with the perfume of the hair remover,more precum.I'm a very slow cummer so time is not a problem,I sometimes fake it with my wife because I don't come.

My door was tried,the guy was out of the next cubicle,there was a knock on my door.I undid the bolt,he was straight in,I continued sucking on the naked guys cock,no point in stopping.From the corner of my eye I could see my visiter start to undress,there's a lot to be said for the size of these old cubicles,my clothes were hanging on the back of the door,he folded his and put the on the cistern.

Naked he got on his knees behind me,pressed his cock against my spine felt my nipples through my bra,then moved his hand down and started giving a wank which right then I was in dire need of,his cock was big,I could feel the size of it as it throbbed on my skin,even though it was'nt that warm we were both sweating.Let me have a suck on his he whispered in my ear,I took my mouth off it but held it while we changed positions.

He started to give it a right sucking,I knelt beside him and got my fingers around his cock,he was knelt with his legs spread apart and as I wanked him his balls gently bounced on the floor,to say he was well endowed would be an understatement,still in the end they all come off just the same,the only difference is time.

I knew I would'nt be the first to shoot,I would have bet it would be the guy in the next cubicle,he'd already had more than his fair share of attention,I had to resort to wanking myself with my free hand.The big cock in my hand suddenly started to react,he was pushing it in and out of my hand,I don't know if the guy next door was trying to get his cock back,I could see his balls were being held in a tight grip and his cock was being devoured,I knew the one in my hand was in its pre-cumming stage.

His whole body stiffened,his cock higher into my hand,I felt the rush of spunk as spurted through the thick shaft,I know thats the time to grip tightly,it multiplys the force,he was actually hitting his own chin with his spunk,but it was a disappointing amount,3or 4 quick bursts and it finished,big cock little spunk,then the usual,could'nt get dressed quickly enough and out of there,even so I already had my cock through to the naked guy who was giving it the servicing it now badly needed.

As big cock left he did'nt bother to close the door,there were two guys standing at the urinal happily wanking each other,both turned their attention to me,still wanking each others cocks.I had'nt realised the cubicle next door was again occupied,he obviously had his door open because the two guys were looking from one door to another.

As I'm enjoying being watched being sucked and watching them wanking a naked guy walked from next door to them and took a cock in each hand and double wankied them,they in turn started to maul his arse and wank him,somehow I thought that guys going to get himself fucked and wondered if they'd fuck him in the main toilet.

I'll finish this later,somethings come up.