Written by Colin

31 Aug 2010

In Lincolnshire I found a nice one.I was in the mood for sex with a stranger,the toilet was near a layby.There were a couple of cars parked up,I hoped there might be some action going on.

I sat in my car for a little while looking at some gay porn mags I keep for wanking purposes.Nobody came out of the toilets so I guessed if there were guys in there it was obvious what was going on.

I'm 23 and keep myself fairly fit,I like to wear sexy undies which I get from a gay site on the internet,silky thongs and seethrough skimpies,as with most guys these days I shave my pubic hair off.

After about 10 minutes I decided to go in the toilets,I was near to wanking myself off.My timing could'nt have been better,as I walked through the door a guy was coming out of one of the two cubicles.There was nobody at the stalls so I got to go straight in.

There was a cracking gloryhole,a couple of bricks missing from the dividing wall.I could see fresh spunk on the floor,I bet it was still warm.The two guys in the next cubicle made no attempt to hide their actions as I looked through the hole,one was completely naked the other guy had on a tiny pair of girls undies,obviousy decorative more than functional,but very sexy,he was on his knees sucking the naked guys cock.

My own cock was rock hard,I knew I'd have to be carefull how I handled it,I did'nt want to come off too quickly,it had been a while since I'd had sex with another guy and this looked promising.

I stripped down to my own undies,I had on my seethroughs,I was beginning to wonder if they'd even noticed me,they had.A face came to the hole,mouth wide open tongue out wanting to suck my cock,I got rid of the undies and pushed my cock into that open mouth,absolute heaven.

Had to settle for just a few seconds of that,I was too close to coming,he was holding my balls and which was nice but I had to pull away.What do you want to do he asked,suck your cocks I said,I need to suck cock.It was still wet with saliva when it came through,it had already been well sucked,the head was purple and swollen,it throbbed in my mouth,leaking precum.

Like me he was'nt for being sucked off,I could tell he was close but he pulled away.The other cock came through,not as big as the one I'd just been sucking on but lovely nevertheless,like me he was clean shaven.I held his balls which got him fucking my mouth,I think he was probably being fucked from behind at the same time.

He pulled away,I think mostly to let me see what was happening,the other guy was fucking his arse,as I thought.His cock was completely up his arse,he put his arms around him taking a grip on his cock and started to wank him as he fucked him,it was beautiful to watch.

I got lost in the moment and suddenly I'd overdone my own wanking,I tried to stop myself coming but realised it was too late,instead I had to go with it and wank myself off.

Again the timing was'nt too bad,I was spunking all over the place as I watched the guy next door who was being fucked shoot his load.

As I left the cubicle there was a couple of guys waiting at the stalls.I've been to them toilets three times now,they get a bit busy but I always come away relieved.