Written by suckingcock

16 Jul 2007

I am a married guy who as a liking for sucking cock when the oppurtunity arises. This last happened last week at a golf driving range of all places. I sometimes call at an unmanned driving range when out at work and last thursday I pulled onto the car park around 11.00am and noticed I was the only one there. I paid for some balls and made my way to a booth, after a few minutes I heard another car pull up. Soon after another guy comes onto the range and goes into the booth next to me. This made me slightly curious as most people tend to pick a booth away from you. After a few prtactice shots we struck up a conversation on the frustrations of playing golf. He was dressed in t shirt & shorts which were slightly tight showing the outline of his cock & balls. I couldn't help looking down and sure enough he noticed but it didn't bother him and he seemed to take pleasure in my interest. He asked me if would take a look at his swing and I was only to happy to oblige as I think we were both looking for the same thing. There was a sexual tension building between us. After a couple of shots I said I could help his stance and stood behind him with my hands on his hips. I told him to flex his knees and tip forward. Doing this he made a point of sticking his bum far enough back to press against my now semi hard cock. He then wiggled his hips until he said how comfortable he was and could feel my now hard cock. I am not into fucking and I pulled away but said I wanted to look at his grip. So I went to the front of him and knelt down to check his hands. I could now see his bulge through his shorts right in front of me. Straight away I said he would not be able to swing a club until something was done about the hard on he had and said we should go to the toilets to sort it out. We both made our way to the toilets and into a cubicle. Before the door was shut I had tugged his shorts and pants down to his knees and had his lovely hard 7" thick cock in my hands. I started to wank him off and sank to my knees so that I could lick and suck at him and take as much of his cock into my mouth. He moaned and started to fuck my face but gently so that I could cope. After a few more moments he said he was ready to come and I began to wank and suck as much as I could. He then tensed as his spunk shot from his cock into the back of my throat and I tried to swallow as much as possible. Once he had finished I kept his cock in my mouth until he started to soften and i licked what spunk was left from the end of his cock. When I had finished he asked if he could return the favour. I told him I only enjoyed sucking and not being sucked. I said he could have a repeat performance should we meet again and then left.