Written by Shaun Lee

14 Jan 2010

I've got a bedsit in a small block of flats,I like to keep myself to myself,last week with the snow I was off work.I was going to the shops to get some stuff when an elderly chap came to his door of his flat in his dressing gown.You going to the shops young man he asked,I fell yesterday and hurt my arm,I noticed one arm was in a sling.Normally I wouldn't bother but felt a bit obliged,he just wanted some milk.

When I came back he invited me in for a cup of tea,at first I said no but then but then joined him,his flat was very cozy,he was still in his dressing gown.I offered to help but he said he could manage,he made the tea and sat opposite me in a chair,the tea tasted a bit funny,he smiled at my reaction.I put a bit of something in it he said,it keeps the cold out,I don't usually drink but it felt good,witin seconds I could feel it go to my head.

His dressing gown fell a bit open,I couldn't avoid seeing between his legs,I tried to keep my eyes on his face as he talked,he wasn't naked underneath he had white briefs on.He got the conversation around to sex,another cuppa he asked taking my cup from my hand,he didn't really give me a choice.

When he returned from the kitchen his dressing gown was a bit open down the front,fully exposing his smaller than I would have expected briefs,no hint of a belly,he looked quite fit.The briefs didn't leave much to the imagination,the outline of his dick was clear,pressed against the material.

He sat opposite me again,the dressing gown slipping down over his slinged arm and got back to talking about sex.My eyes wouldn't obey me and the effect of whatever was in the tea was making me imagine what his dick looked like underneath his briefs.Why don't you take your shoes off and relax he said,nobody's going anywhere today,I was feeling rather hot and kicked them off.

It is warm in here he said,undoing the belt and taking his good arm out of the dressing gown,just the sling and the briefs now.He put his hand on the dick and very casually rearranged it,don't use it much these days he said smiling,when you get to my age its all DIY.,I think I was pretty drunk,I was enjoying the conversation but I can't remember much of what I was saying.

I was aware that as he talked he was rubbing his dick and it was responding,beginning to bulge in his briefs,I couldn't imagine that I could be turned on by a mans dick but realised that my own dick was becoming erect.Why don't you take that teeshirt off he said,it would make me feel more comfortable.

Something inside me had lost the plot,his briefs were barely containing his dick now which was being held in along the side of his briefs reaching towards his hip.I removed my teeshirt and as I finished taking it from over my head his dick was fully out of his briefs,he had moved down the chair with his legs wide apart slowly wanking on his sizable fully erect dick.

Like the rest of his body it was tanned but the large swollen head was a deep pink,visibly throbbing and completely clear of his foreskin.His breathing was deep,his eyes fixed on mine,take your pants off he said his voice shaking,let me see you.My own hands shook as I pushed my zip down,I could feel my own cock throbbing,he watched my hands,his own hand moving a little faster up and down his dick.

I pushed my jeans down trying to keep my undies on but failed they came down as well,my dick was standing straight up between my legs,he looked at it nodding his head in approval.Even though I was dying to I didn't put my hand on it,I lay back a bit with my hands by my side,I could feel it jerking,I couldn't stop it.

He stood up and with his good hand pushed his briefs down and stepped out of them,his dick was probably half the size again of mine,at least as he stood there with it fully erect and exposed like that it gave that impression.He got on his knees in front of me and removed my pants and undies then pushed my legs apart,I layed further back on the chair.

He looked in my eyes as his fingers moved up and down the inside of my legs just barely touching my balls,I could feel my body jump every he touched them.Very gently his fingers encircled them sending spasms through me,I wanted his fingers around my dick like I'd never wanted anything before.

It was as if he was reading my mind,easy my friend he said take it slowly,I felt I was going to stop breathing,my dick was jerking,if he didn't take it soon I would have to do it myself.A single finger moved up the shaft and touched the head stopping to feel the eye then spread my precum over it,he looked in my eyaes and smiled.

At last his fingers tightened around my dick,my hips lifted up from the chair,pushing in and out of his hand,he watched my face as he started to wank my very slowly,I wanted him to do it faster,I really wanted him to wank me off,but he had other plans.He got off his knees and balancing his knees against the chair took my hand and held it tightly around his dick.

I started to wank him like it was my own dick,yes it was definitely bigger than mine.I was aware of how low his balls hung moving up and down with every stroke of my fingers,it added to the moment,he used his good arm on the chair to balance himself.I couldn't stop myself,I took my dick in my other hand and though I usually use my right hand to wank I got both hands working.

His dick swelled even more,I couldn,t hold on,my spunk was shooting from me then right on queue his spunk came gushing from him.I felt the heat as it landed all over my chest,he came and came again,it was a most beautiful experience to watch.

He lifted himself up and said thanks my friend you don't know how much I needed that,did you enjoy it,pity I have only one arm to use,your'e young I bet you'll be ready for me to wank you off again in a few minutes,don't get dressed lets just clean up.We didn't dress and very quickly as he used his hand to play with all parts of my body I enjoyed him giving me a long slow wanking.