Written by Shaun Lee

18 Jan 2010

It might have been my first and only gay encounter but after arriving back from work last friday evening I called to see how he was coping.I will admit I had thought about the sex we had together but allowed that it was just a one off.

I rang his bell,I was a bit nervous,I was about to walk away when the door opened about 2 inches with the chain still on.At first I thought he didn't recognise me,then he smiled,I could see enough to make out he was wearing just briefs,I wasn't sure I'd done the right thing,I'll call back I said,hold on he said I wasn't expecting to see you again.

He undid the chain and opened the door,the sling was gone,please come in he said,I've been thinking a bit about you,he put his hand on the front of his briefs and held his dick smiling at me,almost instantly I felt my own dick respond,he shut the door and still holding his dick in his hand said fancy a cuppa,no I said just came to see how your arm was.

Come and have a chat he said I'm fed up of being on my own,he liked his briefs small,he had a nice bottom,no sagging,overall a well toned body.I,m having a drink he said and poured himself a whisky,I didn't think you'd be back he said,I hoped you would,did you enjoy what we did,he was really cool about it all,yes I said realising my voice was shaking.

It's funny how things happen he said,last year I broke my leg just above the knee,I'd never had sex with another man in my life,then this young man who was my home help opened my eyes.He did my shopping and things around the flat for me,one day in conversation I just mentioned I'd love to be able to have a bath but with a plastered leg it wasn't an option.

He went straight to the bathroom and started running the bath,come on he said lets have these clothes off,you shall have a bath.At first I felt a bit embarrassed getting undressed,here he said I'll help you,he removed my trackbottoms followed by my underpants without batting an eyelid,he had me naked.

He got a plastic bin bag and slipped it over my plastered leg,his hand touched against my balls,which for some unknown reason to me then started my willie to jerk.As he put tape around the bag his hands went in and out between my legs,he casually moved my balls aside to do things.

I felt mortified as I realised I was getting a hardon,he didn't seem to pay any attention to it but the more I tried to stop it the harder I became,actually harder than I,d got for years.When he had the bag fixed on he just smiled at me and said don't worry about it,I see it all the time and you've got nothing to be ashamed of,he helped me into the bath lifting my covered leg onto the side,which effectively spread my legs apart,all I could see was my willie standing straight up between them.

Let me he said as he soaped me,I had to use my hands to support myself.He moved his hands up and down my body,he kept looking in my face nothing was being said now.He put his hands between my legs and soaped between my cheeks,I couldn't stop my willie jerking,he started to soap my balls,I tried to act calm and pretend nothing was happening but I couldn't believe how much I was enjoying his hands on me.

He held my swollen willie in one hand and soaped the head with the other,I suddenly knew he was wanking me and he knew I wanted him to,he looked at me and said relax,let it happen,I did.His hand increased pace very slowly,he gently held my balls in his left hand as he wanked me with his right,he added a little more soap.I was amased how quickly it happened,it takes me a while these days.

Thats it he said let it come as we both watched my cum leave me with more force than it had for a long time.For a while he changed my life,I used to look forward to his visits but my leg healed and he moved on.

Take your clothes off he suddenly said,from listening to his story my dick was so hard it was hurting.His hand went inside his briefs and lifted his waiting erect dick out,it looked huge,I struggled a bit with my clothes,he watched my every movement his hand moving up and down his dick.

When I was naked he said come here,he sat up in his chair,I went and stood in front of him,he ran a finger up and down my dick making it jerk to his touch.I never saw his he said,I tried once but he said no,I often wondered what it was like but he was happy just to give me relief,this is lovely.

His fingers went around it and started wanking me,I watched his hands moving up and down on both our dicks.He moved his head downwards and I felt the heat of his tongue as it touched my dicks eye,my knees started to tremble violently,I thought they were going to give away as I felt his hot mouth move down over my dick.

I watched his head move up and down as he gently sucked,both his hands went behind me and held my cheeks.All of my dick fitted into his mouth,I could feel the movement of his tongue and the gentle touch of his teeth.

I couldn't stop myself,I was shagging his mouth,he squeesed tightly on my cheeks.I felt my body explode,I felt my cum fill his mouth,I felt him swallow,I knew the head of my dick was almost down his throat,he completely emptied me,do me he said pulling me down between his legs.

I had never even thought of having another mans dick in my mouth but did it without thinking,he held my head onto it,it felt enormous,he pumped fast,he was almost choking me.It was only a matter of seconds until my mouth was filling with his hot spunk,some I swallowed some slipped down his shaft and out,I kept mouthing him until he lifted my head off.

I'm so glad you called he said as I left,I hope you'll come again,in every sense of the word,we both laughed,I'll probably wank myself silly now thinking of you,will you wank again tonight,probably I said,probably.