Written by gator8772

30 Mar 2015

just read the previous post about FV I Had many great times in FV,I used to go to the back of the larger cinema and lean on the wall watching the porn film, I used to wear trackie bottoms and tee shirt no pants I found the trackies slipped down much easier, condoms and lube in my pocket at the ready,one of the best days I had was on a Saturday I had got there early having spent time at home showering and douching my self clean I arrived and immediately went to the larger cinema, I was leaning on the wall as usual when I felt something touch my bum I pushed back a little to encourage the guy it was his cock that was nudging me I put my hand behind me to feel it and got a shock when I felt this huge uncut cock I immediately got my lube out and spread it in and around my hole while I was getting a condom ready he started fingering me spreading my hole with one hand and feeling my now stiff cock with the other, my trackies were now down around my ankles I was fully exposed for all to see,I passed him the condom when he had it on I spread more lube on his now enormous thick cock leant back on the wall and waited then felt the head of his cock nudge my hole pushing gently I pushed back to help with the penetration I could feel my hole spreading and the pain getting more intense after a minute of him pushing and prodding I felt the bulbous head of his cock enter me after that he gently and slowly pushed his cock all the way and started to thrust harder and harder, I was in heaven when I became aware of a number of hands touching me all over a mouth then started sucking my cock hands feeling my nipples and cheeks of my arse feeling the cock pushing in and out of me I was in heaven the guy fucking me started to tense up and I knew he was ready to come then with a last thrust he came, this seemed to get the other guys groping me more excited as the big guy withdrew his cock I thanked him as I turned my head I noticed another guy slipping on a condom it wasn't long before he was behind me and pushing his cock in my now spread hole, I now had four guys around me one sucking my cock one fucking me and two groping my tits and balls, I went on to get fucked five times lost count of the cocks I sucked and was sucked almost continuously

I left there late afternoon light headed and a little wobbly, Just one of many great days at FV