Written by nice one

21 Jan 2014

She sees it as a carreer,and never tells me how much she gets, but , and this is rare, she will go into detail about her customer,and just exactly what happened, which I get off on, and bekon her over to me and I get my turn.Ju7st woke up here in Thailand, with a hard on, which doesn't happen often these days, m60/ 80k.because she moved in with a rich bloke. I had been living with her during the low season a bar girl for 5 months,she is slim with big tits and is genuinely oversexed,no regard for hygene, seen her suck cocks without even looking to see if they are clean,these are guys she sees when we are out, and she will not hesitate to follow them to the loo and offer her mouth for less than 10 quid. Often disappearing during the day, off on her motorbike, and returning after a short timer, or if she does a longtimer, she sends me a text,'see u 2mrw'

I used to say to her, when shes down on me,"you are a lucky bitch" ,and I am starting to get jealous, because,anytime she wants, she will just suck me off,and leave me spent, although I'm not complaining, she does have it all her own way, and keeps me out of mischief. I often wish I could just walk up to someone, get out his cock, checking it first to see if its clean, and getting a nice mouthful of cum.

So, shes been gone since the start of high season,and I am not getting any, but yesterday I decided to cure my lust and went to the sansuk sauna, a gay sauna,it opens a 3 pm, and it was 3.10when I got in there, hormones all over the place, really desparate to get a sort of revenge on her, there was a guy in the steam room, thai bloke same height as me flat stomach,and less than half my age,he sat opposite me on one of them concrete stools, just me and him, ,couldn't see his face,it was really steamy, he was actually sitting besides me at first, but couldn't get a good view of me as I was slowly wanking my hardening cok, so he went and sat opposte me getting a better view,I felt like a right dirty old man which made me harder,and my pre cum was flooding. the door opened, and he stood up and left, with an quite apparent bulge behind his towel, the two guys,caucasion guys looked around and just walked back out, I was wishing that the thai guy would return, and he did, this time standing opposite, still with his bulge, and I was hoping not to lose him again, so I opened my mouth and ran my tongue around my lips, at this point I astablished he was quite a bit shy,and he kept looking at me till I beckoned him towards me, he took 2 steps towards me ,I brushed his towel,and he lifted it right up so I had his cock just inches away, so I quickly bobbed forward with my eager lust,took it to the back of my throad,trying to gag myself on him,I wasn't letting this one go, I had my chance and was taking it,we went undisturbed for about 3 minutes,both of us feeling comfortable with each other,until a shadow appeared,again, I kept him in my mouth such as I was so despaperate, I didn't care who was watching,but the kid got spooked, and I stood up,tagged him by the hand,and walked him into the adjacent dark rooms. He took a position on his back, leaving me standing over him,so I positioned myself between his open thighs,and eagerly sucked on his cock again,and licking up and down on the outside of his shaft, between his balls and thighs,until eventually he arched his backputting the weight on his ankles, giving me an Ideal opportunity to get further underneath,to access his hair butthole, something I have never wanted to do,but, having had it done to me by my super slut thai bird, I felt it right to start licking his asshole, my tongue digging eventually,till he sat upright, cock in hand and he wanted to reciprocate,seems he was quite a nice lad ! so I knelt on all fours,he probed wmy vigin ass with his fingers,just on the outside of my ass, then adventuring inside slowly, then licking at the same time, I was delirious, he took hold of my cock, and he said best he could,"u cum" ? no I hadn't but I was flooded with pre-cum,he then used that to lube my hole, and started rolling his bell end on my entrance, but I was not to be, I could ony accommodate about an inch,and sadly,I am still intact. I wanted his facial, so rolled,and lay on my back/up on one elbow, with my mouth open,he started wanking ,I was gobbling him in and out deciding to myself,this kid has been real nice, and wanted to give him the best blowjob/facial ever, so I made sure as best I could to keep within an inch of his really wet bellend,licking the precum down my throat, he was groaning quietly,we knew there were voyeours looking through the cracks,he came with some force, I didn't see it I felt it, firt "rope" hitting my left eye then very quickly 2 shots into my mouth nostrils,I thought he was finished so I had his cock back in my mouth,cleaning it, he was pulling it out, he hadn't finished, one more load in my right ear/hair, and several more on my face,mouth, he laid it to rest in my still opened mouth,and I cleaned it,trying to poke my tongue inside his japs eye, anr then I laid back,wanking myself , blowing bubbles,trying to retrieve his spunk into my mouth,I needed to make this a memorable event so I scooped his thick ropey cum into my mouth,which sent my deliriously into one of the messiest orgasms I ever had, there were 3 caucasion bloke outside the door when we opened it, looking at me in particular, I went to the shower room, and admired,the amout of thick,sticky cum I had achieved from that young lads cock,and felt it was a job well done.

Very true story, still hard here, I am going to post it now, and return later,to have another cum over it.

Thanks for reading