5 Sep 2016

If you haven't been to the sauna in Luton then I strongly recommend it. You need to set aside a few hours and expect to have several adventures during a visit. I've had a few standout ones but the thing they all have in common is the need to repeat them only better....

One time I met a guy in the sauna section and we were soon mutually stroking. He was older than me - easily 65 but lean and a little bit shy. He suggested we went to a private room. Here he really wanted to hold me and kiss me but in a rough way - squeezing me quite hard and his teeth kept nibbling my mouth. Meanwhile a rough finger was probing inexpertly at my arse hole. I was squirming, half enjoying and half a bit unsure of his roughness. He then spanked me and I instantly enjoyed that. Sadly it all died down after a while. If only he had put me over his knee, spanked, lubed and fucked me!

Another time I was in my favourite spot in the steam room, occasionally sucking and being sucked when a fantastic adventure began - the first time I was completely 'taken' by someone. I noticed a guy watching me in mutual sucking with another. When my playmate left it was just the two of us. He eventually strolled over and I took him in my mouth - a good thick cock in a cockring. He too sucked me. After this we broke off and he went out which is the usual thing - nobody wants to come too soon. Well when I ventured just outside to the shower there he was. We washed watching each other and when he left I followed. I saw him check over his shoulder so figured I was in luck and sure enough we ended upstairs in a room. What then followed was the best fuck I ever had. He rimmed me, really trying to get his tongue up me and gradually started to work in a finger. Along with sucking my cock and balls I was having a great time. Then he stopped and started to undo a condom. "I'm very tight, be careful" I said. His answer somewhat amazed me - "I've just had three fingers in you". So in fact he had carefully opened me up during the foreplay. As a result, when he pushed his cock into me it was relatively easy. Yes there was some of the initial pain and that involuntary squirm when your body realises a large object is going deeper and deeper into your arse but soon I was urging him to fuck me hard. My only regret was neither of us came. Yet again we both were 'saving it' up for later.

My last adventure shows what happens when you save it up too long... I had played around for a couple of hours, each time me or a playmate would break off. But now in truth I was getting tired and the stiffy a little worn out. So I laid in a private room with the door open in the hope of a visitor. A few looked and went past when suddenly a tall guy perhaps 22 came in. He had a lovely long cock which was also quiet thick. After lots of sucking I handed him a condom. When it came to guiding him in my arse just would not yield. I hadn't played with it or lubed it all day. he never took the trouble to open me up with fingers and so what could have been an awesome fuck fell away to nothing.....

I hope the above serves to help you plan your sauna visits.... the motto of course is 'be bold and beprepared'!