Written by Andy

30 Jun 2018

This happened a few years back id been dating my then girlfriend for about 4 years ,things were good and I'd met her at uni .every so often we had to visit her parents who lived in Norfolk .which as we are in the Midlands meant we would have to stay over .her family were great i got on well with them, her brother was 6 years younger than me and was gay .he had come out in his teens .this one weekend we had gone there and her brother who was about 19 at the time had just joined a gym and was trying to build himself up a little ,id been working out for a few years and was pleased to just get out the house so went with him .now I had been curious when I was at uni and had visited a sauna in Southampton but apart from a bit of touching nothing really happened and from then I'd sort of seen myself as straight . The gym wasn't up to much it was part of a cricket club and just had a multi gym some bikes and a few weights .we had a session doing chest and arms and then went to the changing rooms ,being a Sunday and winter time it was only is too there . Paul took off his shirt and I told him his chest was looking buff and you could already see the improvement .He told me he wanted to get to my sort of size back then I was in good shape. I sort of looked at him as we were getting undressed for the showers and we shared a look .it was as if we were both thinking about each other but we scared to say anything.Any way we get to the showers and I take a peek across to Paul and he's already looking at me . I just thought go for it ,so I went over and I just kissed him ,he was straight on me I took some shampoo that was in his hair and started to soap up his cock and bum ,he had this gorgeous skinny white bum it was better than my girlfriend's .I soaped his cock and wanked him in the showers .he was moaning in pleasure and came all over himself and the shower wall .then he turned and saw i was hard and asked me to soap up his bum some more and turned back to the wall and pushed out his ass .I pushed myself in and was a bit clumsy at first ,but then I was fucking him he was pushing himself back into me .by pushing off the shower wall i had my arm around his shoulder and neck and I was so turned on that unfortunately I came really quickly .He turned again and we kissed again and then went back and got dressed .in the car back we talked about it being our secret and that it shouldn't happen again . It did we were left alone one weekend around Christmas when my girlfriend and her mom went shopping and I fucked him in his room but that's another story .