28 Apr 2016

Just like to write the exploits of this afternoon.

I decided to take the dog for a stroll in Haldon woods always hoping but never expecting any action. As I strolled along I met a chap round about my age coming the other way after exchanging a few pleasantries we got on to sex as you do, it appears he was there for the same reason, surprise surprise, at finding some common ground we went off the track and found a quiet part. we both dropped our shorts and wow he made mine look like a clitty it was around 7" and thick I knelt and took him in my mouth it nearly choked me. after about five minutes he told me he would like to fuck me. Well I have not had anything as big as that before so I said if he took it slowly I would try. I can tell you it hurt like hell but after a while I got used to it and although slightly uncomfortable I enjoyed it, so much I didn't hear or see another guy walk up he took out his cock not as big as the first and walked round the front and offered it to my mouth. I sucked it, well it would be rude not to, after a while I felt the one up me start to throb in the condom and a shout of I'm cumming with that the guy in my mouth shot what seemed like pints of cum into my mouth. I must say that for once I enjoyed my trip to the woods and after getting there phone numbers another session is on.