Written by Harry_22

20 Feb 2012

We were 19, still at college it was common that Alex and I would always end up staying at each others houses. I had two beds in my room seeing as my brother had recently moved out. After a night out and a few beers we would go to bed and quite often wank off to the sound of each other thumping our cocks under the covers.

When my family went on holiday they decided I should not stay at home alone and so Alex's folks let me stay there for the week.

Their house was smaller but they kindly gave me a roll mat that I soon realised was the most uncomfortable thing in the world. Alex insisted I was a whinging bastard, but on night two when he compromised and we swapped; he found it unbearable after 10 minutes and I was shuffled over in his bed and he lay down next to me. A few beers in as usual and soon we were both asleep.

Noises woke me up in the early morning, it was Alex mumbling in his sleep and making low moaning sounds. I was about to have a go at him, but I realised he was fast asleep. I lay there laughing silently to myself and soon I was dozing off again. But soon, silence fell and I started to feel the slightest of movements next to me.

'Oh my god' I thought to myself, 'he isn't!' but then with a shift of the duvet, there came the unmistakeable rhythm of his fist hitting the covers at the peak of his upstroke!

I felt a kind of tension as I lay there unaware that I was holding my breath. I could hear my heart beat in my ears as well as the ongoing thumping. Not sure what to do, I grunted a little and shifted my weight, turning on my side away from him.

“Shit!” he whispered and all noise stopped. The quiet was deafening, but what surprised me most was that as I turned over, I felt that my cock was hard.

I turned my head slightly, “What?” I said back to him as quietly as I could.


I softly slid my hand onto my cock “Oh” I replied after a few seconds, “I thought you were wanking!?”

“What, shit no!” I shifted again and faced him now.

“It's alright,” I said reassuringly, “I do not mind...”


“So did you want a wank?” I asked and after more silence, “I gotta admit that I think I do!”

“er sure, go on.” he answered. I put my hand on my cock and moved back on to my back. I brought my knee up to lift the duvet off. I gasped excitedly as I took my throbbing cock in my hand. Alex turned his face to me,

I was into a pretty quick rhythm finding the situation strangely erotic and then my heart leapt as without any word, Alex's hand edged over me and rested on my wanking hand. In silence I soon realised that it was not an accident, his hand simply brushing mine as his hand rose up and down with mine. Aside from drunken gropes with girls this was the most my cock had ever been touched and, confusing though it was, it felt great. I could hear him breathing deeply as I let go and let him close his fist around and to wank me properly. He tugged slowly on my shaft, clenching his grip tighter as it reached the crest of his stroke. All I could hear now was my own breathing and as my body tensed the noise was joined by the thumping of my heartbeat.

Suddenly I felt my come rise and orgasm hit me quicker than ever before. I bucked in silence not wanting to make any noise at all and the only sound was the squelching of hand rubbing in the come all over my cock. A post climax shiver ran through me and I was racked immediately with a guilty sense of disgust.

“My turn,” Alex breathed into my ear and like a bolt I turned away from him again, the sticky glue of my come not wanting to release my cock from his grip!

“What?” he said with a light chuckle, “come on, mate! Fairs fair!?”

I clenched my eyes shut, inexplicably scared beyond my wits. I could not believe the situation I was in and flinched as he shifted position to lie behind me. He prodded me in my lower back and I knew it was not his hand!

“Come on, you want to!” I could tell now that he was wanking, his hand rubbing my back with his stroke, “I want to come too!” He reached over me and took arm, gently, but definitely he pulled it away from my body and to be rest behind me. My hand clumsily touched his cock and Alex held my wrist and manoeuvred until he was pushing his sticky shaft across my palm.

I snapped my eyes open trying to work it out in my mind. His shaft felt much bigger to my touch than my own and at the same time I noticed that he was pulling long strokes. My hand almost closed involuntarily on to him. He sensed the change in me and used his grip to close my relaxed hand around him.

“Yeah,” he said, “that's a start!” Thick and long was the image in my head and I was shocked that that excited me again. I locked my grip and he took the initiative by beginning to rock his body into and out of my hand. “Oh yeah,” he continued, “yeah, wank me!”

I stayed quiet and stock still until he said, “yeah, come on bitch, make me come!” I don't know why but I snapped my hand away and rolled further away from him.

“You fucking tease,” he announced and there was soon a frantic sound of him wanking his cock. I jumped as his hand touched my shoulder and I noticed he was holding his breath. It was his turn to twitch now and I felt something hot on my bum. Oh fuck, I cried in my head as I felt him wanking to his finish, his helmet rubbing over my cheeks and layering heat all over them. At one point, he rubbed it between my cheeks and I felt a hot squirt in the crack. When he stopped he kept his hand on my shoulder and there were no more words. His breathing changed pretty quickly and I reckoned he was sleeping again. I was left there feeling dirty with the familiar feel of come tickling as it began to run off me, dirty and, as I lay there heavy breathing once more, with a cock as hard as it had been 5 minutes ago!

I stayed still yet again and eventually drifting off to sleep.