Written by Harry_22

5 Mar 2012

The next day was like nothing had happened. Alex was up by the time I woke up and I got up sheepishly, showered and got dressed. The day was spent helping his parents work in the garden and just hanging and later we met with some other friends for a couple of pints at the pub.

When we got back, we had another can chatting with his folks then Alex explained we would be doing some gaming in his room before turning in. In all honesty I had forgotten about the night before and it was only a couple of hours later when Alex turned off the computer and pulled of his shirt that a leap of fear shot through my body.

“Bedtime then!” he announced and I could not look him in the eye. I went to the bathroom to get ready.

“Bed or mat?” he enquired as I came back into the room. I mumbled back that I would take the mat he said, “don't be daft, that thing is a nightmare, take the bed. He left the room to go to the bathroom himself and I stripped to my boxers and got under the covers.

He came back in a few minutes later and I looked over to him. He shut the door and dropped the towel he was carrying to reveal he was naked. I had no interest in his body at all really, but memories of last night drew my eyes down to his cock. He stood still as if he knew I was taking it in; his legs were slightly apart and he hung there, as big as I remember him feeling. I had no real context of size, but I could only think of how much bigger than me he was. My heart was racing and I am sure that my mouth dropped in awe and maybe even a gasp escaped me!

He walked to the side of the bed and just stood there. After what felt like a few minutes, I slid my hand out from under the duvet.

“Go on,” he said quietly, sensing that I wanted to touch him. I raise my hand and I placed it on his semi hard cock. It was warm and soft and reacted to my touch straight away, it began to move a little and slowly it rose, pointing more towards me. This moved it away from my grip so I rolled to my side, facing him and I found it a natural move now to close my hand on his shaft.

I could my own cock stand to attention in response and I felt his throbbing heat as I my grip moved to enclose his helmet. To surprise his helmet grew in my grasp and as I moved my hand back, it peeled back his foreskin and revealed a big shiny tip.

My slow movement finally led my hand to his base and my fingers brushed onto his balls. I felt a huge difference in their temperature to that of his cock and, intrigued, I let go so that I could explore more how they felt.

Alex made a grunting noise as I did this and strangely, I imagined that I was about to be chided for neglecting him. But the more I felt and cupped stroked his balls, he moved his legs apart some and I took this as a sign to reach further (he took himself in hand and stroked slowly as I did). There was hair around his ball sack, but past this he was smooth and it felt very nice under my fingers.

During this, my eyes had not left his magnificent cock and I opened my mouth to speak, my voice very croaky, “How big is it?” I asked, shaking.

“Just over 9” he replied and even in his whisper I could hear his pirde.

“I am 7,” I said, “but so much smaller!”

“Show me.”

I responded by pulling the duvet aside and leaning my body away from him so that my hard cock stood up to look as big as it might.

“Not bad,” he commented and I realised that I was disappointed that he did not reach for it.

Instead he let go of himself and asked, “So are you going to wank me then?”

I knew the answer the minute that I set eyes on his meat at the doorway. Rather than reply, I adjusted my position again took him in hand. It felt much hotter than before and I noticed that as I pulled to the end of his length, his foreskin now stayed behind the thick ridge of his fat mushroom tip.

“Oh yeah,” he breathed and I slowly wanked back and forwards, all the time watching the beautiful sight of his hard shiny cock in my hand. I lost track of time really as I wanked him and gave no real thought of the act that I was carrying out, simply enjoying myself being lost in the moment. And I would have continued I think if it weren't for a cramp that set in to the arm I was leaning on.

“I need to move,” I whispered and adjusted myself, sitting up and swinging my legs round.

As I rounded to face him I came to be sat with his hard about a foot and a half from my face. It was an even better view and I did not delay in taking a hold of him again. I pumped him hard for a short while and then began to play with it slightly, point it up and down and to the side, seeing how it looked from all angles. It's fair to say it looked impressive from all, but I especially liked lift it up; I could put my whole hand on it's length and push it against his belly (and still see the tip over the top of my fingers!) and as I did, it pulled his sack forward. I found that this let me cup his balls neatly in my other hand and with the right position, I could even sup his heavy balls and let my fingers rest in the skin behind them, that bit that I had enjoyed finding earlier.

I rubbed him like this and enjoyed seeing and hearing his reaction, even more so when I took the tip of my finger and played it against the fleshy A shape on his dick's underside.

To my surprise, a glistening caught my eye and stopped all movement as I saw a creamy bead appear at the crest of his cock.

“Are you coming?” I croaked and could not work out if it was surprise or disappointment in my own voice!

“No,” he said with a low chuckle, ”not yet,”

“Then what is that?”

“That is pre-come,” he answered matter of factly, “please don't stop”

A little apprehensive, I took his shaft back in my hand and he groaned soflty as hand consumed his cock once more. However, I was now distracted by the tackiness that his 'pre-come' had put around his tip and as I wanked him it seemed to increase. IT was starting to hinder my progress on his lovely cock and without thinking, I knew what I needed to do.

I looked up and Ales was looking down at me, grinning. His grin seemed to broaden and he nodded his head to me. Holding me breath, I eased forward at my waist, moving my mouth closer. Once in reach I let my tongue lead the way and I lapped it ever so tentatively on his sticky bell end. AS if a firework went off in my brain, my taste buds registered the taste and I gasped. I was not expecting this alien experience to get any better, but I immediately craved to get more of that taste on my tongue.

I clenched my fist as his base and moved his cock around my tongue like a lollipop. I became almost feverish with my actions, trying to cover as much of his big surface area as quickly as I could, egged on all the more by his blatent, though quiet, groaning! I eased back when the taste seem to subside and looked at his cock, its tip bulging hard and shiny with my saliva. Engorged as it was, a thrill went through me and on instinct, I opened my mouth and leant forward; I wanted it inside me.

The thrill of the moment past almost immediately. Not because I did not like, I felt ecstatic at the sensation of having zero room left in my mouth, but his cock at the same time tested my oral capacity and it was pressing on my tongue and throat and gagged. As quick as it got in my mouth, it was suddenly out and as I got my bearings, I realised why. Alex's body had bucked and he leant forwards, virtually falling on me. His cock had fallen from view, but I could tell by the thumping of his hand that he was wanking, and by the breathing he issued, I knew he was going to come.

“Let me, let me,” I whispered and he managed to roll out the way and turn onto his back on the bed next to me. Standing upright by the light from the bedside lamp, it was no less impressive and I took it in hand.

“You're so big,” I breathed as his cock twitched in my grip and I wanked it fast, going fro tip to top as evenly as I could thought my excitement was trying to make me make move frantically. Suddenly his breathing froze and his body locked and two pumps later I watched a thick thread of hot liquid shoot from him. His body spasmed with my wanking him and I watched two more shots fly free. He grunted loudly in a silenced way, the way anyone can come when they know they are not alone in the house. And I slowed my pace to allow him to regain his composure. More come oozed from him in those final movements and gently massaged it into his shaft and balls as his breathing slowed back down.

I looked up to him, the first time in a while it seemed, and he smiled at me and then rolled over, “let's see how you like it!” he said.

I giggled waiting to see if he was joking and as I did, I absent mindedly brought my hand up. The smell of his come was intoxicating and I put my hand onto my aching cock wafting my hand beneath my nose.

“Oh god,” I whispered and as I wanked my hard-on I lowered my finger to mouth and sucked it clean. I clumsily pushed my boxers down and then kicked them free. My cock was so hared and I felt so wanton.

“I'm gonna come!” I spoke to him and I was pleased that he turned back to me, a big grin on his face.

“Good,” he whispered back and with that, my own orgasm hit me. With nothing but come on my mind, I wanked wildly and aimed my cock high. To my added pleasure, thick dollops hit my tummy and chest as I came, also biting hard down to not make any noise.

When I was spent, I lift my hand straight to my mouth and mixed the taste of my come with his, wondering if I would spot any difference (I did not).

I turned my face to Alex and I fought back a laugh. He looked right back at me and, not that I was expecting small talk, I was surprised that all he said was, “Good night!”

He rolled over and as I lay there catching my breath, heard him say, “you dirty fucker!”