Written by Andrew

1 Jun 2009

i,ve read stoies on here about people having sex in dunes.last week on a hot day i wanted sex.I,m 19 years old,i,ve done a few things in public toilets but usually come off before I want to.Iwas nervous about the dunes,I parked up in a quiet place and left the car wearing just shorts and sandals.

I could,nt see anybody and was,nt sure what to do.it was really hot I lay down in a hollow kicked off my sandals and removed my shorts I was wearing white skimpy undies[boys sise]I felt my cock through them but took my hand off I did,nt want to get a hard on.

He seemed to come from nowhere,he walked by me and looked,even though I wanted sex i thought about going.Before i,d done anything he walked back towards me,its hot he said standing above me.He was wearing white tennis type shorts with really short legs,he was probably in his 60s with a tanned body,it is I said.

Be careful not to get sunburned he said theres not a lot of you covered,I was getting hotter and hotter.He looked around then said its quiet here today as he did so his hand went to the front of his shorts and felt himself.He watched my reaction I could,nt avoid looking at what he was doing with his hand it was obvious he was holding his cock.

I felt my cock move in my undies I did,nt want to get a hard on but suddenly could,nt stop it.He was looking right between my legs his hand now rubbing his visibly hardening cock through his shorts.I could,nt stop it I felt my cock find its way out of my undies,thats a beauty he said a big smile on his face,he unzipped his shorts and pushed them down and off he was naked. His cock was,nt fully hard sticking out rather than straight up like mine was now.He spread his legs apart and started wanking himself looking around all the time.

He quickly got himself hard he had a really long ballbag they hung down about 3 inches and bounced backwards and forwards between his legs as he wanked.Play with it he said nodding towards my cock,I wanted to but did,nt want to i,m thinking if I wank myself i,ll come off.He looked around again then got on his knees beside me,I thought he was going to take my cock in his hand but instead he reached for the waistband of my undies and pulled them down I made no attempt to stop him.

His hand moved up the inside of my legs and took my much tighter balls in his hand,I just let him do it,he squeesed them gently I could feel my cock throbbing and see it jerking.His other hand continued to wank his own cock,his hand moved from my balls slowly up the length of my cock his finger rubbing my now free flowing precum around the head.He just held my cock in his hand not wanking me my throbbing getting faster and faster.

He shuffled closer and took my hand and placed it around his cock wanking himself with my hand,you can bring me off he said my wife will be wondering where I,ve got to wank me.I suddenly felt relaxed and started to wank him watching his balls dancing,he started on mine,faster he said ,I did.I felt his cock swell in my hand and knew he was cumming.His hand moved faster on my cock I started to spunk some of it landing on my face,he grunted and jerked violently as his spunk spurted from his cock I was getting covered in both our spunk.His cock went down quickly mine remained hard,he took a tissue from his shorts pocket and squeesed the last of his spunk into it pulled his shorts on winked at me and left.

His wife I kept thinking smiling to myself then dozed off to sleep.