Written by Asuckerinundies.

24 May 2011

I'm unsure when I first started to have what would have then been considered as (unhealthy)interest in the male body.Like other writers on here looking at men modelling undies in my mothers catalogue was probably my first 'secret'and if I remember corectly the first time I came off was when I became aroused while looking at them which in turn led to 'peeping'at men in changing rooms and on the beach,but I suppose one of my most vivid memerories was when I was out wandering in a park near where I lived then and I was walking through a bit of woodland and I saw this man hiding in the bushes completely naked.

I made sure he did'nt see me as I hid behind a tree,even though I know now he probably saw me,and I watched what he was doing,he was of course wanking himself,and of course I got a hardon while I watched him.I did'nt actually see him bring himself off because I did'nt want him to see me so I crept away but I think I was hooked,I went back in that wood a few more times but it did'nt happen again.

It was a year or so later when I got my first job at a large store in Darlington and was living in digs there and had time on my hands on my day off,a wednesday,it was time for another'secret'.Some clothes that might be a bit damaged used to be put in a box for return to the suppliers and I put some small womens briefs in my pocket and went in the staff toilet and put them on under my own,in the end I had about a dozen pairs of briefs which I would spend time in my room looking at myself in the wardrobe mirror wearing different ones and then wanking myself off.

When I was in the local park on a wednesday afternoon,again just wandering around,I came across toilets tucked away in a shrubbery,it was a rainy kind of day and not many people around.Just for something to do I went in the gents,it was pretty dark and I could,nt see a lot at first.There were a couple of cubicles,one with the door closed,for some reason I pushed on it and it opened a bit but then it was pushed shut,I realised there was somebody in there and even though I did'nt need to I went in the one next door,I was just about to see my second naked man having a wank.

Inside I dropped my trousers and sat on the toilet,I was wearing a pair of the womens briefs which I did'nt even bother to pull down.At first I did'nt realise there was a hole in the wall,I could'nt see a lot in the dim light.There was a page of a newspaper stuck on the partition wall,as my eyes adjusted I started to read it then took it off the wall to look on the other side,the hole in the wall was nearly the size of the newspaper page.

He was sitting there completely naked his legs wide apart,his cock which was about seven inches standing straight up between them,his hand moving up and down its length with long slow strokes.I know I just sat there and stared,it almost did'nt occur to me that he could see me also.Like others have said on here my mind started to play tricks on me,I'd never had a sexual encounter in my life,up to that point sex was what I did to myself but suddenly something comlpetely lifechanging happened.

He stood up and put his body against the hole in the wall,his cock and balls litterally in my cubicle,I sat there watching it jerking and throbbing in front of me but did'nt have a clue what to do to it,I'd never seen an erect cock up so close,I had no idea he wanted me to wank it,so I just looked at it,nevertheless just looking at it had my own cock rock hard and completely out of my undies.

He must have thought I was a right dummy,wondering why I was'nt wanking him,but I'd never done it before.My door was pushed open and before I could shut it the chap standing there could see everything in that cubicle,obviously thinking I was wanking or sucking on that cock.He pulled away from the wall and I could see why,the chap who'd tried my door had opened his,the difference was he let him in.

The next half hour or so was a steep learning curve,within a minute or so of the chap joining him in the cubicle they were both naked and enjoying a wanking and sucking session,leaving me sitting there wanking myself for the first time in a public place while I watched them.

The newcomer came off,the first time I'd seen a man come off,but I knew what to do when the other one put his cock and his balls back into my cubicle,that day I went from having never touched another mans cock to sucking one off and like other writers on here I could'nt wait to suck off my second,and wearing womens undies ? YES.