Written by Tommy

7 Dec 2011

I come over here from ireland last year,i come from a little town in co.clare,twas he showed me this site,he always had sex sites on on his computor.I was working here in blackpool fof a while then I got sacked.I didnt have a lot of money i was on jobseekers alowince.I was down on the prom and he come and sat on the seat beside me and started talking to me.i told him like i was behind on my rent at where i was staying and he said i could come and live at his place,he said like he lives on his own and didnt have loads of friends and we could be friends,hes about 60 and im 22.I got my gear and moved in to his house and after I moved in he said about doing my washing as he was putting the machine on.When he saw my underpants he said like i could do with new ones as they were pretty worn and he was going to the shops and hed get me some.I was out when he come back and when i came back he said hed looked through my things and hed binned all my underpants and hed got me these new ones.At first i said to him that the ones hed bought me wouldnt fit they looked too small.but he said like try them on and when there washed they get looser anyway,so he said to me go in the bedroom and try them on and because hes been so nice to me i couldnt say no.I didnt think hed come into the bedroom with me but he did and he stood there watching me while im taking my things off and when ive just got my underpants on he says there going in the bin too and he out his hand out for them so I took them off and handed them to him,then he said before you try the other ones on why dont you have a shower and i knew I needed one.He wasnt leaving me on my own to do anything and he come in the bathroom with me while im having a shower.I could see he was looking at my prick when im washing it and it was going a bit hard.He come with me into the bedroom again when he wants me to put the new underpants on.i thought they were too small but he was saying that they were much better than my old ones.Then in the evening after hed had a shower hed be just dressed in his underpants watching the tv and they were small and often when hed be watching the telly hed be playing with himself through them.he said to me that i should only wear my underpants in the evening that way your clothes are of more benifit during the day,so then wed both be sitting there in just our underpants.Id been there about a week when one night and hed been out for a few drinks and he came in and was sitting with just his underpants on he asked me if id ever watched a sex video and i said i hadnt and he put this one on.after a while i said i was going to bed.i was getting a hard on and didnt want him to see it and also i could see that he was getting one.when i got into bed i started to wank after watching the video.i usually keep my underpants on in bed but id taken them off because he washes them and i didnt want to stain them.he came in my bedroom and said didnt you like that.i said it was alright and i could just about see him in the light,i could see he didnt have his underpants on and i could see that he had a hard on and then he started to get into bed with me.i know i said to him what do you think your doing and he just said relax but then hes in bed with me and hes saying relax tommy,its alright tommy and then he put his hand onto my prick and because i was a little bit frightned it had gone down.but he kept saying relax as he rubbed his hand over it and was feeling my balls and i knew it was getting hard again.he kept rubbing it and kinda playing with my balls until my prick was completly hard,then he started wanking me and hes still saying relax its alright and by then im gatting to like what hes doing.I can feel his prick up against my bottom.hes rubbing it against me and all the time hes wanking me.Id never had it done to me before and when im going to come off im trying to stop myself.there had never before been somebody with me when i come off and i didnt know if i sholud come off but then i couldnt stop it and then i can here him saying thats ok come on come on and his hand tightend on my prick as i come off and while thats happening hes rubbing his prick harder onto my bottom and then i can feel that im all wet.he put his arms around me and it felt great just to have somebody hold you and we started to have sex most nights and even if he tells me that it dont mean im gay,that you dont have to be to have sex with another man,anyway im not woried because i like doing it.