Written by Martin

1 Oct 2018

This is a very true account of something that happened to me about 10 years ago that I have never told or shared with anyone . I had been very single for a while so I decided to join a very well known singles dating site . after a couple of months of pointless go know where meets with variours different women I went online to see if I had any messages and yes I did but this time it was from a man in his 60s , very local to me , his message was straight to the point , " I know its not what you are looking for on here but I would really like to suck your cock for you ". for some reason I have no idea why this excited me , I had never thought about any kind of sex with a man but this had me thinking , I left it for a couple of days and after several vodkas I replied to him " yes ok " whithin 10 mins he got back saying ok tonight ok for you as his wife was away and we could go to his home , we arranged a place and he came and picked me up , once we got to his home his hands were all over me , whithin 5 mins I was naked in his living room I was frozen to the spot , he went down and took my soft cock in his mouth he tugged and pulled it with his mouth it felt fantastic , he pushed me back on to the sofa now he knew he had got me a straight lad , he parted me legs and started licking my bum and bollocks this made my head spin with pleasure then he started sucking my cock again , I must admit it was a great blow job he was very talented , I came lots on his face and hand it was nice , I went back about 6 times after to let him suck me but what he didn't know was every time I was looking at a big picture of his wife on the wall and in my mind it was this very pretty middle aged brunet that was sucking my young cock not her old husband lol