Written by JJ Hardy

5 Jul 2011

I am part of that generation of gloryhole lovers.Putting your cock through the hole for a wanking or sucking,sucking or wanking next doors cock,it was the most fantastic experience.How you were all nervous as you went in that cubicle,that first sight of naked flesh next door,I loved the smell as I stripped naked ready for action.

I thought I'd never do it again,then last week I'm driving in Wales and sees this sign for picnic area with a toilets sign,just seeing the sign gave me a rush of blood to my cock,somethings never change,but then I'm thinking it'll probably be one of these modern things.

To be honest the site was pretty unused and neglected,I could see the toilet building behind some bushes,there was a van and a motorbike parked up,no sign of anybody.I made my way inside.I heard a door slam shut,I smiled to myself.There was a guy standing at the stalls wearing leathers,pretending to be having a piss,there were two cubicles one door closed,I looked at the guy at the stalls,he looked at me,I went in the other cubicle.

The gloryhole was the size of a football,it was a bit dark in there and at first I could'nt see much.There was absolutely no doubt that the guys had been at it,so there was no point in wasting time,I wanted to play with cock.It took me about 30 seconds to be stripped naked,just doing that again was fucking fantastic,even before I'd got my undies down and off his hand was through the hole working on getting my cock hard,and believe that did'nt take a lot of doing,I had to move his hand off to get down to have aq look at what he was like.

Well like me he was bollock naked,the thing that surprised me was how young he looked,I did'nt think younger guys knew about gloryholes,he was in his 20s I would say,a completely smooth shaven body,his balls shining below a 7/8 inch rock solid cock,foreskin fully back displaying a swollen dark pink gorgeous looking head,glistening with precum,it was like the good old days.

He had already opened his door fully and the guy in leathers was standing there with his cock out wanking.Even as I'm watching my young naked friend reaches for the guys cock and starts to tongue the equally swollen head and then starts long slow sucks on it,it is fucking fantastic to be able to watch this action again,I don't think I'd realised how much I'd missed it,watching guys wanking and sucking each other.

The place is obviously known because as I'm watching that lovely sucking session my own door is pushed open,no locks,even the thrill of that second had'nt left me when a guy opens your door and you're there naked with a rod on.His hands are immediately on the cheeks of my arse,how I need that,I can feel the roughness of his clothes as he grabs me around the waist and pretends to shag me,I'm thinking get your fucking gear off and do it properly,but he is at least wanking me.

I can feel his hand working on the front of his pants and know he's getting his cock out,it dose'nt feel that big when he puts it between my cheeks,it feels hot,he's not wating fucking time,I can tell he just wants a quick fuck,well my arse is all his.

He does the right and puts plenty of his saliva on my arsehole and his cock.As I said he was'nt that big,but it was nice,just feeling a cock up my arsehole in a public toilet again was fucking great.He did'nt last very long,five maybe six thrusts then three or four more as he spunked,job done cock tucked away and he's gone,but I could'nt believe how much I enjoyed that mini fuck.

My naked friend next door has already sucked off the guy in leathers and he's gone too.I was glad of that because I wanted a chance to have a feel of his smooth body,he turned around slowly for me,he bent over frontwards and backwards giving me feeling rights to every crecice and orrifice.

We could I suppose have joined each other in one cubicle but I think we were both of the same mind that we wanted as many guys as possible to come in and have a wanking,sucking or shagging session.

I was aware that I was going to miss an appointment but right then I did'nt give a fuck.I watched three guys fuck his arse,I have no idea how many he sucked off,I spent seven hours in them toilets,the whole time completely naked.A couple of other guys were into naked sex and at one time,a bit later in the evening the place was like an orgy,I know that at one stage there were four of us naked and being kept busy either providing our arseholes for fucking or our mouths for sucking.

It is a brilliant place,am I going to tell you where it is,am I fuck,too many of these places have already been closed down.I'm back there in the next couple of days,I'm actually taking a couple of days leave so that I can spend all day there,I want to enjoy every second of sucking guys cocks,as many as I can get and having my arse shagged by as many guys as can get hardons,I mighten'ed even get dressed for two days.