9 Aug 2015

I have recently been on holiday in Deveon. I was in Sidmouth and having a drink in a pub called the Black Horse.

My wife was in Exeter with her sister shopping for a few hours.

I went up to the bar and asked for my drink --it was quite busy and a man asked if he could sit on my table, yes of course i said.

We chatted about mundane topics at first until he asked if i was married. I said i was and where she was. He was married too but was working in the area.

He asked if I wanted a drink at his digs--yes i said--love to.

We walked for less that a couple of minutes before we were in front of a B&B door--he aske in and we went up to his room. We had a drink and he asked me if i still had sex with my wife. I told him the truth that she was menapausal and wasn't interested--his wife--he said was similar (he was 63).

He asked if i masturbated and i said yes that i did quite regularly, he did too--to porn.

He noticed i had a hard on and touched it on top of my shorts, he put my hand on his--it felt hard and warm.

He my shorts and underpants off, then my soft shoes and shrt--he took his off. We kissed ever so softly then harder--he sucked me then i sucked him--it was heaven.

He got lube out--fingered my hole and entered me --he took complete charge of the situation. He gave me a good seeing to--pumping his lovle cock into my hole--he drew out--not coming.

He got up and brought in an electric shaver--put it under my armpit nd shaved what little hair i had on both armpits.

He then laid on the floor and put his cock under my arm into my armpit and shagged it until he filled the hollow with his seed.

He then sucked me until i was coming and made me cum in his armpit.

Has anyone ever been involved with this kink besides me.