Written by tireesun

2 Jan 2008

recently separated i took a holiday to southern france \'to lick my wounds\'. i\'m a keen cyclist and i packed my bike with a view to getting some miles in the sun away from the hassle. i met a local cycling club and was invited to join them on their sunday run. i\'m fairly fluent in french so i was pleased for the company and met the guys at a nearby bar.

jean led us out - he was fit and the pace was high - i struggled at first with the speed and the heat but gradually began to get in the groove. i began to ride up front with jean - we talked bikes, riders fooball and i learned that he was 30, divorced, in good job and loved cycling. we compared bikes & riders and i found him really interesting and attractive. his legs and arms were solid under the lyrca and his muscles were long and hard whenever we climbed. i sensed that he was looking at me too - i like to think that cycling keeps me toned.

it started to become competitive and soon we both had a sweat on and had left the group behind. we took turns at the front - i became fixed on jeans arse as he stepped out the saddle - his taught buttocks stretched his shorts and i stepped up the pace when i took the lead making sure i worked my body for jean.

suddenly i lost my front wheel - the next i know is that i\'m on the ground with blood pouring from my knees,elbow and head. my bike is lying across the road and jean is helpig me up. i\'m ok just a bit shaken but i like jeans arms om me. i keep leaning into him and can feel his penis pushing thru his shorts against my thigh. i let him lead me off the road and into a field where i lie down. jean gets our bikes off the road and joins me. at first he holds me then kisses me on my forehead - it is soft - i want more - i dont feel my bruises as i arch against jean - crotch to crotch - mouth to throat. we moan and writhe against each other his stubble burning my chin.our mouthes embrace and i feel his tongue pushing into my mouth. his hand is rubbing me thru my shorts and it feels like i might come. i move to feel jean and hes pulled his shorts down - his cock is amazing - it looks huge but gorgeous - we kiss while i wank him - his dick gets bigger and hotter - we both moan and rub against each other. i pull his top up and suck his nipples - little bites making him moan. his thigh is working between my legs but i cant turn over and take that for my first time. i twist back and then knowing what i must do and what i want i place my lips around his dick. god its hot - i can taste some cum - not salty just weird - its big and i need to use my hand to take it - further and further - jean holds my head and strokes my cheeks feeling himself in me. my cock is in his hands and jean is stroking me as he fucks my face.

i can feel the pace quicken and as i cup his balls tense - jean shoots into my mouth. i gag heavily and need to spit - his come is thick -but i swallow some and like the feeling. my cock explodes in jeans hands and he rubs it into his thighs and legs.jeans thick cock rests on my chin as i lick the last of his sperm. i want to feel him inside me but i think that he is too big for a novice - i think he has different ideas.