Written by Bobby

20 Sep 2016

This for me was a first,I had not previously had to take the initiative,I suppose because of my timid and shy nature I enjoyed the submissive role,and believe me size does matter,in all my encounters to that point my befriender was endowed with what I accepted as manly size,and though so far not commented on,I was very aware of my own immature genitalia.

I touched his swollen cock with my fingers and watched it instantly jerk upwards,he was exuding precum,again that aroma was awesome.

I closed my fingers around it,it throbbed and jerked in my hand,I suddenly didn't want him to cum,and I wasn't sure how I would know. Through the wall he was pushing himself forward and backward into my hand,I couldn't risk him cumming,right now I needed a lot more.

I released my grip and he pulled away,can I join you in there he whispered,I needed to think I'd never been here before,yes/ no he whispered,I heard my self say yes. I didn't have time to think before he was pushing my door open,he was naked his clothes in his hand.

I was in disbelief when I saw another man standing at a urinal,my naked fully aroused friend seeming to not having a problem being seen coming completely naked to join me ,but he obviously knew that the other person was waiting for the vacant cubicle.

There was no formal introduction,there was not a word spoken,he immediately had his arms around me probing my mouth with his tongue as he ground his hot,hot rampant cock over my almost hairless pubic area.His hand moved down between our sweating bodies finding my longing cock,being watched through the gloryhole by our friend next door added enormously to the extacy of the moment.

I was now being submissive again,I let him move me onto the toilet where he spread my legs apart and ever so gently moved my foreskin fully back to expose my own throbbing helmet,the touch of his tongue on the delicate skin was electric....2 B. cont.